New Website and Updated Scripts

Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it. And we would like to thank the very talented Lucy from Websites By Lucy and Leanne from Sheaf Design Works for making it all happen.

This blog will be used to keep customers up to date with current news about us, including any new scripts updates. We will also be posting information and stories which we think might be useful or interesting to our customers.

The first news to share with you is that all 62 of our pantomime scripts have been updated. For some this has meant some very minor editing, but for others it has meant a moderate amount of rewriting and in the case of one script, renaming. The script in question is ‘Panto On The Prairie’ which has been renamed ‘Geronimo.’ This was done to more reflect the storyline and to take account of the fact that Geronimo is the main character the story revolves around, and he is also the main protagonist.

As well as being updated, the scripts have also been reformatted to make then even easier to read, so we hope you like the new look.

That’s all for now, but we will be blogging on a regular basis, so please stop by and check out our latest posts.

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