Our Fees

Performance License

Perusal scripts are for review purposes only.

Possession of a perusal script does not convey any rights to perform the script, in whole or in part. In order to perform one of our scripts you must first obtain a performing licence.

To obtain a performing licence you must first purchase your performing script (electronic master copy or hard copies) and then add the cost of that to the relevant royalty fees and make your payment.

If you so wish, you may purchase a performing script and ask to pay the royalties at a later date (please enquire).

As soon as all due payments have been received by us, a performing licence will be issued.

Royalties/Performance fees

Up to 150£50.00£25.00
Over 550£70.00£25.00

Please note: Royalty fees are based on the maximum seating of your venue and not on the number of tickets you think you might sell.

Copyright Laws

Performing, copying or distribution of our scripts, in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever without a licence constitutes a breach of copyright (actionable in a court of law) and is strictly forbidden.

You may not alter, modify, publish, distribute, sell, broadcast, transmit, create derivative works from, or edit any content of our work without the express permission of Limelight Scripts.

Any such activity is an infringement of International Copyright Laws which may result in legal action.

Limelight Scripts will vigorously pursue any breaches of our copyright.

Perusal scripts (hard copy)

If you wish you can purchase a perusal script in hard copy (for review purposes only) for just £6.00. By clicking on any of the thumbnails on our Pantomime Scripts (Perusal Scripts) page.

Hard copies will be dispatched to you as soon as payment has been received and are yours to keep.

Performing scripts (electronic master copy)

Electronic master copies of our performance scripts (without watermarks) can be purchased for just £40.00.

Once you have purchased a master copy, you can then print off as many copies as you require for your show.

Purchasing performing scripts (hard copies)

The cost of a full set of performance scripts in hard copy is £120.00 (including P&P).

This includes a copy for each listed character plus four extra copies for backstage crew. Extra scripts may be purchased on request at a reduced rate (please enquire for details).

Videotaping your show

If you intend videotaping your show (including any dress-rehearsal) you must first obtain a videotaping licence from Limelight Scripts.

Purchase a videotaping licence will cost you just £25.00.

Any questions

If you have any questions, or need any help in making a purchase, then please feel free to email us at limelightscripts@live.co.uk or phone us on 0779 499 0307 and we will be happy to help you.