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Baron Hardup who was once the nicest man in Pantoland, turns into the nastiest, after becoming the new tax-collector. And his bailiffs are taking payment in kind from anybody who don’t pay up.

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep. Little Boy Blue’s horn has been confiscated and Mother Goose is being threatened with eviction.

But things are not what they seem, and the reason for the Baron’s sudden change becomes clear, when the evil Witch Grizelda is revealed to be the power behind the throne.


11 principals plus several minor speaking roles, a goose and a chorus.


All of our scripts have a runtime of under 2hrs (not including any interval) But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


All of our pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Priscilla The Goose
Wicked Witch from Oz
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Dancers; Villagers; Fairies; Guards; etc.




Music cue 2: Heidi and Chorus. After song ends…

Enter Jack and Jill [SR] looking glum.

CHORUS 1: Look everybody, it’s Jack and Jill.

CHORUS 2: How’s the water fetching business going, guys?

JACK & JILL: [glum] Terrible.

CHORUS 3: How come?

CHORUS 4: You haven’t fallen down that steep hill again, have you?

JACK: No, we haven’t. After that happened, health and safety made the council install a flight of steps and a handrail, all the way to the top.

JILL: It certainly made our water fetching a lot easier, I can tell you.

HEIDI: Then why are you both looking so glum?

JACK: Baron Hardup has just confiscated our water buckets.

JILL: And now we can’t make a living fetching water for people.

HEIDI: But Baron Hardup’s always been such a kindly old gentleman.

JACK: Ever since becoming Pantoland’s new tax-collector, he’s turned nasty.

JILL: He turns up with his bailiffs and demands payment on the spot.

JACK: And if you can’t pay up, his bailiffs confiscate your belongings and evict you.

HEIDI: That’s terrible!

JILL: People are leaving Pantoland because they can’t afford all the new taxes.

JACK: At this rate, there’ll soon be nobody left in Pantoland.

Enter Little Bo Peep [SL] crying.

CHORUS: It’s Little Bo Peep!

HEIDI: Why are you crying, Bo Peep?

BO PEEP: Baron Hardup confiscated my little lambs because I couldn’t pay my taxes.

HEIDI: No wonder you’re upset.

BO PEEP: He said if I don’t pay up by tomorrow, they’ll end up in shepherd’s pies.

HEIDI: How could anybody be so wicked?

BO PEEP: [sobs] I might never see my poor little lambs again.

HEIDI: Cinderella will be horrified when she discovers what her father’s been up to.

BO PEEP: She already knows. He evicted her and Prince Charming from their palace, for failing to pay capital gains tax.

HEIDI: Poor Cinders. Her father has turned out nastier than her wicked stepmother.

JACK: Even her Fairy Godmother can’t help her this time.

HEIDI: Why not?

JILL: The Baron confiscated her magic wand for refusing to pay the new spell tax.

JACK: Something must be done to stop him.

HEIDI: But what can we do, Jack?

Enter Little Boy Blue [SL] wailing.

BOY BLUE: It’s not fair! It’s just not fair!

JILL: It looks like Little Boy Blue could be the Baron’s latest victim.

JACK: What’s happened to you, Little Boy Blue?

BOY BLUE: I was on my way to Old McDonald’s farm, when I bumped into Baron Hardup and his bailiffs.

JILL: Let me guess. He said you owed lots of taxes?

BOY BLUE: Yes, and when I couldn’t pay up he confiscated my solid silver horn.

HEIDI: That’s so mean.

BOY BLUE: Now the sheep are in meadow and the cows are in the corn, and without my horn I can’t call them.

JACK: Couldn’t you use a loudhailer instead?

BOY BLUE: Can you imagine little children singing, ‘Little Boy Blue, come blow your loudhailer’? The whole integrity of the rhyme would be ruined.

Enter Mother Goose from cottage.

M. GOOSE: Why are you all congregating outside my house? Has my chimney fallen down or something?

HEIDI: No mum, we’re just discussing what to do about old Baron Hardup.

M. GOOSE: What’s he been up to now?

JACK: He’s out collecting taxes with his bailiffs.

JILL: And if you can’t pay up, his bailiffs confiscate your stuff and evict you.

BO PEEP: He’s confiscated all my little lambs.

BOY BLUE: And my silver horn.

M. GOOSE: The rotten swine! And to think I almost married him.

HEIDI: I didn’t know that mum!

M. GOOSE: He proposed to me when I was young and fancy-free, but I turned him down. And seeing what he’s become, I’m glad I did.

JACK: We need somewhere to hide from him and his bailiffs.

M. GOOSE: Take everybody to The Seven Dwarf’s cottage Heidi. It’s been empty ever since Dopey won the lottery and bought a big house in…[local posh area]

HEIDI: Yes, mum. Follow me everybody.

Exit Heidi, Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue [SR]

CHORUS 1: I’m going to barricade my home, to stop the Baron taking my stuff.

CHORUS 2: Maybe you should do likewise Mother Goose.

Exit Chorus [SR]

M. GOOSE: I’d like to see the Baron try and get his hands on my bits and pieces. [hoists bosom] Do excuse my appearance. I had a bit of a lie-in this morning after being out clubbing all night at…[local club] Have any of you been there? It’s brill, isn’t it? And NHS Direct said the loss of hearing and constant ringing, should only be temporary. Has anybody seen my son Billy? Or Silly Billy, as everybody calls him. That’s because he has the IQ of a squashed grape. He’s gone to market to sell a load of goose eggs, and I’m hoping to get enough to pay my council tax. I’d better get back inside, Little Tommy Tucker is waiting for his breakfast. See you all later! [exits inside]

Enter Silly Billy [SL]

SILLY BILLY: Hiya folks! I’m Billy Goose! Some people call me Silly Billy, but I don’t think that’s fair because I’m quite clever really. For instance, I’ve just had an accident with two dozen goose eggs, and they all got smashed. But I don’t want mum finding out, so I bought two dozen eggs from Tesco and sold them at market instead. Wasn’t that clever of me? [a beat] Hang on. I sold the eggs for less than I paid Tesco. [goofy face] What am I like? Maybe I deserve to be called Silly Billy after all. I tell you what. Anytime you hear me say, what am I like? Will you all shout back, you’re a Silly Billy? And it’ll remind me not to be silly in future. Let’s have a quick practice then. [exits and re-enters] What am I like? Fantastic!

Music cue 3: Enter Fairy Snow [SR]

FAIRY: Hello once again everyone,I trust you’re having lots of fun.

SILLY BILLY: Are you the tooth fairy? ‘Cos if you are, you owe me a lot of back payments.

FAIRY: No Silly Billy, I’m Fairy Snow,And I’m here to join your little show.I’ll flit about from scene to scene,Keeping everything nice and clean.

SILLY BILLY: How did you know my name?

FAIRY: I’ve read the script.