The Wizard Of Oz


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This wonderful version of The Wizard of Oz, sees Dorothy and her little dog Toto joined in The Land of Oz, by her Aunt Em.

Unfortunately, Aunt Em’s house lands right on top of Zelda, the wicked witch of the East, crushing her flat. Her sister Olga, the wicked Witch of the West arrives and threatens Dorothy and Aunt Em with dire consequences, if they don’t hand over her deceased sister’s magic ruby slippers which are now on Dorothy’s feet.

Dorothy and her friends only hope of beating Olga lies in the mysterious Emerald City. And they are joined on their journey by The Scarecrow, The Tinman and The Cowardly Lion.

The classic story by Frank L Baum, given the traditional panto treatment.


8 principals plus several small speaking roles and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




The Wizard
Dancers; Munchkins; Winged Monkeys; etc.




Music cue 2: Munchkins. After song ends…

SFX: Sound of a motorbike.

Munchkins panic.

MUNCHKIN 1: That sounds like Zelda on her motorised broomstick!

MUNCHKIN 2: She must have heard us enjoying ourselves.

MUNCHKIN 3: Why does she always have to spoil our fun?

MUNCHKIN 4: It’s probably because she’s never had any in her whole life.

MUNCHKIN 5: I doubt she even knows what fun is.

MUNCHKIN 1: I wish a house would fall from the sky and land right on top of her pointed head.

MUNCHKIN 2: Fat chance of that.

SFX: Whistling-falling noise.

MUNCHKIN 3: [pointing up] Look!

Munchkins look up.

MUNCHKIN 4: What is it?

MUNCHKIN 5: It looks like a house falling from the sky!

MUNCHKIN 1: I’ve heard of it raining cats and dogs, but never houses!

MUNCHKIN 2: Run for your lives!

Exit Munchkins at a run – snap blackout.

SFX: Loud scream followed by crash.

Lights up, revealing a house protruding from the wing. Two legs wearing striped socks and Ruby Slippers poke out from underneath.

DOROTHY: [off] I think the storm’s stopped, Aunt Em.

AUNT EM: Thank goodness Dorothy. Take a look outside and see if the washing’s dry.

Enter Dorothy from house.

DOROTHY: Oh, my! I think you’d better come out here Aunt Em!

AUNT EM: [off] Don’t tell me my bloomers have blown away!

DOROTHY: I think it’s us that’s been blown away!

Enter Aunt Em from house.

AUNT EM: What are you talking about Dorothy? ‘Ere, where’s my farm gone?

DOROTHY: The twister must’ve lifted the house up and dropped us here.

AUNT EM: Yes, but where’s here?

Dorothy and Aunt Em move downstage.

Enter Munchkins creeping on upstage.

DOROTHY: I don’t know, Aunt Em, but it doesn’t look like Kansas.

AUNT EM: [sees Munchkins] Don’t look now Dorothy, but I think we’re in Neverland.

DOROTHY: [turns] Gosh Aunt Em!

AUNT EM: I wonder which one’s Peter Pan?

MUNCHKIN 3: [pointing] Look! Underneath the house!

DOROTHY: Oh, my! It seems we’ve landed right on top of somebody, Aunt Em.

MUNCHKIN 4: I think it might be Zelda!

MUNCHKIN 5: It is her, she’s wearing the ruby slippers!

DOROTHY: Do you think she’s dead, Aunt Em?

AUNT EM: I think there’s every chance Dorothy, seeing as how there’s a house parked right on top of her.

DOROTHY: What are we going to do, Aunt Em?

AUNT EM: Check the house insurance for starters. I’m not sure it covers for squashing people flat.

MUNCHKIN 1: [to Dorothy & Aunt Em] You’ve killed Zelda!

DOROTHY: We didn’t mean to it was an accident, honest!

MUNCHKIN 2: How can we ever thank you, O great and powerful ones?

AUNT EM: Come again?

MUNCHKIN 3: We wished for a house to fall on Zelda.

MUNCHKIN 4: And you dropped one.

AUNT EM: That’s the drains! I’ve been meaning to get Dyno-rod in.

MUNCHKIN 5: And to show our appreciation, we wish to present you with these medals.

Two Munchkins hang medals around Dorothy and Aunt Em.

DOROTHY: I don’t understand it Aunt Em. We squash somebody flat as a pancake and they give us medals!

AUNT EM: It’s a bit odd I know, but who are we to question their local customs.

Enter Glinda [SR]

GLINDA: Perhaps I can explain.

AUNT EM: Oh look, it’s Tinkerbell!

GLINDA: I’m not Tinkerbell, I’m Glinda, the good witch of the North.

DOROTHY: But I thought all witches were bad.

GLINDA: There’s good and bad in everyone dear, and witches are no exception.

DOROTHY: Would you mind telling us where we are?

GLINDA: You are in the wonderful land of Oz.

AUNT EM: Well blow my digeridoo, we’ve landed in Australia!

GLINDA: It’s not that Oz. [checks Zelda’s legs] The Munchkins were right, you have squashed Zelda flat.

DOROTHY: Yes, and we’re very sorry.

GLINDA: Don’t be my dear, you’ve done us all a big favour.

AUNT EM: In what way exactly?

GLINDA: Zelda was a mean and horrible witch who caused nothing but trouble.

DOROTHY: Another witch?

AUNT EM: How many witches have you got here?

GLINDA: There are four witches in Oz, well, three now. There’s me and my sister Letitia, the good witch of the South. Zelda, who was the evil witch of the East, and her sister Olga, the witch of the West.

DOROTHY: Is Olga a good witch?

GLINDA: Dear me no, she’s even more wicked than her late sister. You must be very careful of her.