The Snow Queen


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The Snow Queen wants to take over all the four seasons and turn the Earth into a frozen world ruled over by her alone, much to the chagrin of Mother Nature.

A boy called Kai is stricken by a sliver of the Queen’s magic mirror and is lured away to the North Pole so that she can retrieve it and restore the mirror, but Kai’s true love Gerda embarks on a journey to rescue him, helped by Nelly Knickerbocker, her son Olaf and the town’s Mayor.

Help also arrives in the form of a couple of globe-trotting penguins, plus Santa Claus and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

The Snow Queen is a frozen adventure that will leave your audience with a warm feeling.


10 principals plus 6 smaller roles, a Yeti and Rudolph.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Crow 1
Crow 2
Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer
Villagers, Elves; Imps, etc.



Music cue 3: Chorus. After song ends…

Music cue 4: Enter Olaf [SR]

OLAF: [shouts] I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Rah-rah-rah! Hiya boys and girls, I’m Olaf and whenever I shout, ‘I scream you scream,’ you all reply, ‘rah-rah-rah!’ Okay? [to Chorus] What can I get you folks?

CHORUS 1: I’d like a cone of soft whippy ice-cream please.

OLAF: Righto. [holds cone under dispenser, pulls lever and milk runs out]

CHORUS 1: I said ‘whippy’ ice-cream, Olaf, not runny.

OLAF: Oh dear, I must’ve caught the defrost switch when I tried swatting a wasp away earlier. I could do with an insect repellent.

CHORUS 2: Stick a photo of your mum on the cart Olaf, if her face doesn’t repel the beasties then nothing will.

Chorus laugh.

OLAF: Clear off you cheeky lot! [shoos them off SR] Mum might have a face like a depressed bloodhound but I’m not having people mocking her, that’s my job.

Music cue 5: Enter Nelly [SL]

NELLY: There you are Olaf.

OLAF: Mum! How come you’re not in the shop serving customers?

NELLY: I’ve been invited to a housewarming.

OLAF: I’m surprised anybody can afford to warm their homes these days.

NELLY: Tell me about it. I look forward to having a hot flush just to feel warm. By the way, why is there a picture of an ugly woman hanging in the bathroom?

OLAF: I think you’ll find it’s the mirror, mum. Is that plant a housewarming gift?

NELLY: Yes, and while I was in the garden centre I bumped into Marty McFly.

OLAF: How do you know it was him?

NELLY: Because he had his back to the fuchsias. [laughs] Back to the fuchsias!

OLAF: Very funny mum.

NELLY: How many sales have you made today Olaf?

OLAF: None.

NELLY: How come!?

OLAF: I had a little accident.

NELLY: Join the club.

OLAF: What little accident did you have mum?

NELLY: Never mind son, it was a long time ago and I was young and foolish.

OLAF: [aside] And Now she’s old and totally stupid.

NELLY: So, what accident did you have then Olaf?

OLAF: I tried swatting a wasp away earlier and accidently caught the defrost switch, and all the ice-cream turned to mush.

NELLY: Like your brain. Why didn’t you switch it back on and re-freeze it?

OLAF: It’s not safe to do that mum.

NELLY: Rubbish! Mother Nature freezes, defrosts and re-freezes the village pond every year, and it’s never killed a single fish.

OLAF: Maybe not, but the pond isn’t made of dairy ice-cream. Mind you, if global warming takes off, frozen ponds will become a thing of the past.

NELLY: [rubbing her hands] And our ice-cream business will make a fortune!

OLAF: You can’t put profit above the planet, mum.

NELLY: We won’t be able to put profit above starving if you keep ruining our stock.

OLAF: I’ve just had a brilliant idea mum!

NELLY: That’s what you said about your plan to sell ice-cream to the Eskimos.

OLAF: You’re always telling me to think outside the box mum.

NELLY: Your thinking will have us living inside a box, a cardboard one

OLAF: Do you want to hear my brilliant idea or not?

NELLY: Okay Olaf, I could do with a laugh. What’s your brilliant idea then?

OLAF: We repaint the ice-cream cart in big black and yellow stripes.

NELLY: And how will that help our business?

OLAF: Because the wasps will think it’s a monster wasp and keep away.

NELLY: I have a better idea son.

OLAF: What’s that then?

NELLY: I sack you and hire somebody with a brain instead.

OLAF: I’m not stupid mum!

NELLY: Then how come you were always bottom of the class at school?

OLAF: I was home-schooled and there was only me in the class! So, technically I was top of the class because there was nobody above me.

NELLY: I was above you.

OLAF: You were my teacher, so it doesn’t count.

NELLY: Don’t argue with me or I’ll give you detention.

OLAF: You can’t give me detention mum!

NELLY: Why can’t I?

OLAF: Because I’m not at school anymore!

NELLY: Then I’ll ground you instead.

OLAF: Now you’re just acting silly.

NELLY: Well, this is a panto. Take the cart back to the shop and I’ll see you later.

OLAF: Yes, mum. [exits SL]

Enter Mayor [SR]

MAYOR: Nelly Knickerbocker, I want a word with you.

NELLY: [vamps him] I’m hoping to hear three little words Boris, and the answer will be ‘yes’.

MAYOR: I’m the Mayor of Ikea, Nelly, and you will address me as such.

NELLY: You want me to call you ‘Such’ instead of Boris?


NELLY: Make your mind up then.

MAYOR: I’ve had complaints about your Olaf knocking over people’s bins with his ice-cream cart.

NELLY: That’s rubbish talk. [aside] Rubbish? Bins? Never mind.

MAYOR: Just tell him to be more careful in future.

NELLY: It’s our future I’m more interested Boris.

MAYOR: What are you talking about now?

NELLY: I want to know when we’re getting married.

MAYOR: We’re not getting married!

NELLY: We are according to my horoscope.

MAYOR: Marrying you would be a horror story.

NELLY: But our love is written in the stars!

MAYOR: I don’t care if it’s written in the Sunday Sport, it’s not happening Nelly.

NELLY: Think what you like, but fate dictates that one day we’ll be man and wife.

MAYOR: That sounds like a fate worse than death to me.

NELLY: It’s lucky I know you’re only joking.

MAYOR: Who’s joking? And when are you going to pay your council tax?

NELLY: Just as soon as my assets are unfrozen.

MAYOR: Don’t say you locked yourself inside the walk-in freezer again.

NELLY: Not those assets! My bank account’s been frozen.

MAYOR: How come?

NELLY: The bank said they’d detected unusual activity.

MAYOR: You must’ve finally paid somebody’s bill.