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Princess Snow White’s wicked stepmother is insanely jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty and has ordered her death.

But the Royal Huntsman who’s been tasked with carrying out the Queen’s order tells Snow White to run away into the forest instead.

Alone and frightened, Snow White stumbles upon the cottage of seven dwarfs, who take her in to try and protect her from the evil Queen.

The Queen discovers that Snow White isn’t dead, and immediately sets out to find her and finish the job herself.


11 principals plus 2 smaller roles 7 Dwarfs and a chorus with some lines.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample






Hermione Hemlock [aka the Wise Woman]
Barry Trotter
Royal Huntsman
Dancers; Maids; Cooks; Animals; etc.




Music cue 1: Chorus of Maids. After song ends…

Enter Muddles [SL]

MUDDLES: Hello everybody! I’m Muddles and I work here at the palace, for King Desmond and Queen Drucilla. The King’s all right, but the Queen’s a nasty piece of work. He married her after losing his first wife, and it makes me sad to see how badly she treats his daughter Snow White. So, whenever I come on and shout hello everybody, you can all shout back hello Muddles, and that’ll cheer me up, okay? Let’s have a go then. [exits and re-enters] Hello everybody! Thanks! I like to keep fit, as you can probably tell by my physique, so I’m just off for my daily jog around the palace grounds. See you all later! [exits jogging off SR]

Enter Senna [SL] singing.

SENNA: ’Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot, like me…’

CHORUS 1: Don’t you know any other songs, Senna?

CHORUS 2: You’ve been singing that same one all week.

SENNA: That’s because I’m practising it for Britain’s Got Talent.

CHORUS 3: You’ve just proved that practice doesn’t make perfect.

CHORUS 4: And the same goes for her cooking! [laughs]

SENNA: Watch it, or I’ll put something nasty in your shepherd’s pie.

CHORUS 5: You always put something nasty in the shepherd’s pie, Senna.

SENNA: Get lost! My cooking has won loads of awards, I’ll have you know.

CHORUS 6: Bravery awards for anybody willing to risk eating it, that is.

Chorus laugh.
SENNA: Clear off you cheeky lot! [chases them off SR – spots audience] Oh, hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Senna Pod, and I’m the palace cook. Most of the staff here are quite nice, apart from Hannah the Queen’s lady-in-waiting. She’s always trying to get people in trouble with the Queen. Luckily, the Queen’s too obsessed with her own looks to take much notice. Every day she stands in front of a large mirror and asked it, who is the fairest in the land. I’ve heard it’s a magic mirror that can’t tell a lie. I couldn’t have that, could you girls? What woman wants a mirror that tells her the truth?

Enter Hannah [SL]

HANNAH: There you are Senna!

SENNA: Well I’m not anywhere else, am I?

HANNAH: I want a word with you.

SENNA: What is it now, Hannah?

HANNAH: Her majesty has decided to go on the GI plan.

SENNA: What’s that then, a new corner suite from DFS?

HANNAH: No! It’s the latest healthy eating plan.

SENNA: How does that work then?

HANNAH: It’s all about lowering your carbohydrate intake.

SENNA: I find the best way to do that, is to lie on the floor whilst eating doughnuts.

HANNAH: That explains why you’ve started looking like one.

SENNA: Cheek! Anyway, what’s wrong with the diet the Queen’s on?

HANNAH: You mean, apart from the fact that you cook it?

SENNA: I always make sure she gets her five a day. Beans for breakfast, cabbage for lunch and sprouts for dinner.

HANNAH: Yes, and it’s costing the palace a fortune in air fresheners.

SENNA: And I thought it was just the drains. What’s she going on a diet for anyway?

HANNAH: She wants to fit into a size ten in time for the King’s silver jubilee banquet.

SENNA: But that’s only a fortnight away!

HANNAH: I know that, and she expects to look like a catwalk model by then.

SENNA: Has she considered liposuction?

HANNAH: I don’t know, I’ll just go and tell her you asked. [turns to go]

SENNA: Don’t bother! I like my head right where it is, thank you.

HANNAH: She’s already picked out a dress, and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes if she can’t fit into it on the big day. [exits SL]

SENNA: She’d like to see me lose my bonce that one.

Enter Rose [SL]

ROSE: Hello Senna.

SENNA: [to audience] This is Rose, Lady-in-waiting to Princess Snow White.

ROSE: Who are you talking to, Senna?

SENNA: I’m talking to that lot down there.

ROSE: [looks out] I didn’t know the palace tourist season had started already.

SENNA: I don’t think they’re tourists, Rose.

ROSE: Then what are they doing here?

SENNA: I don’t know, but the Salvation Army hostel has just shut down.

ROSE: Do you think they might all be from the hostel?

SENNA: Looking at them I’d say, yes. They’ve probably come in for a warm.

Enter Snow White [SR]

SNOW W: Hello you two!

ROSE: Good morning your highness.

SENNA: [to audience] This is Princess Snow White, isn’t she lovely?

SNOW W: You’re such a flatterer Mrs Pod.

SENNA: I couldn’t flatter you enough dear.

ROSE: Your highness, I’ve got two tickets for a…[current pop act]…concert. Would you like to accompany me?

SNOW W: I’d love to Rose, but the Queen won’t allow me to leave the palace.

SENNA: A young girl like you ought to be out clubbing and enjoying yourself, not shut up in a stuffy old palace. Isn’t that right boys and girls?

Music cue 2: Enter Muddles jogging on [SL] dressed in running gear.

MUDDLES: Hello everybody!

SENNA: Oh, look. It’s Muddles the keep-fit jerk. Jerk, being the key word.

MUDDLES: Fancy going for a run, Senna? [laughs] Senna Pod? Run? I made a joke then.

SENNA: Not as big as the one your parents made when they had you.

MUDDLES: Have you heard about the burglary at the local Ikea, Senna?

SENNA: No, Muddles. Was there much stolen?

MUDDLES: They don’t know, the police are still trying to piece everything together. [laughs]