Sleeping Beauty Version 2


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A sleeping Princess, three good fairies and one bad. Plus a doting royal Nanny, two comic villains and a dashing Prince. All combine to make this highly comic retelling of the traditional story of the Sleeping Beauty.


11 principals Plus three smaller roles, several cameos, a Ghost and a Chorus with some lines.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




[plenty of scope for doubling/trebling up]
Prince Valiant
Chef Anton
Robber 1
Robber 2
Dancers; Cooks; Maids; Spiders; Guards; etc.



A crib is [USC] Music cue 2: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Sniffles [SR]

SNIFFLES: Hiya folks! Welcome to the royal palace of Slumberland. I’m Sniffles the royal gofer. I used to be the royal jester, but I gave it up because the pay was a joke. But I still like telling jokes, so whenever I come on and I shout, ‘hiya folks!’ you all to shout back ‘hiya Sniffles,’ and I’ll tell you a funny joke. Okay? Let’s try it then. Hiya folks? What sits in a pram and wobbles? A Jelly Baby! [laughs]

Enter Nursie [SL]

NURSIE: Cooee, Sniffles!

SNIFFLES: This is Nurse Penny Cillin the royal midwife.

NURSIE: The word ‘midwife’ doesn’t do justice to the work I do, Sniffles. So, I’ve decided that from now on I’ll be known as ‘Paediatric Observation Officer’.

SNIFFLES: Paediatric Observation Officer? [spells out the acronym] P.O.O. Poo!?

NURSIE: [grimaces] Oooh, maybe I didn’t think that one through.

SNIFFLES: Have you been busy getting ready for the royal Christening, Nursie?

NURSIE: Yes, Sniffles. What with cooking, washing, ironing, fetching and carrying, I’ve hardly had time to poke my nose where it’s not wanted.

SNIFFLES: That makes a change.

NURSIE: [to audience] And for any men who might be interested. [pointing] And you are, I can tell. What’s your name? [man answers] Well…[man’s name]…you’ll be pleased to know I’m still single and available. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

SNIFFLES: Not from where I’m standing it isn’t.

NURSIE: I’m one of the few ladies of a certain age, who’s still pure and untouched.

SNIFFLES: [aside] Pure ugly and nobody will touch her.

NURSIE: My generation believed in saving it for marriage. And at my age I’ve got a heck of lot saved up, I can tell you. So if any men would like to dip into my savings, come to my dressing-room after the show and form a queue behind Sniffles.

SNIFFLES: I’m not queuing up for you Nursie!

NURSIE: Okay Sniffles, you can forget queuing and kiss me right now! [grabs him]

SNIFFLES: [struggling to free himself] Nursie please, where’s your decorum!?

NURSIE: I haven’t seen that in ages, would you like to help me find it?

SNIFFLES: No, fear! [breaks free]

NURSIE: But wouldn’t you like to discover what womanly surprises I have up my sleeve?

SNIFFLES: It’s not what’s up your sleeve I’m worried about.

Enter King and Queen [SL] The Queen carries baby Aurora.

NURSIE: Good morning your majesties, I trust you both slept well?

KING: I slept like a baby, Nursie.

QUEEN: It’s all right for some. I’ve been up all night trying to get Aurora to sleep, and now I finally have I don’t want her waking. [to audience] So, all you visitors, please be quiet for the rest of the show. [places baby in crib]

NURSIE: I’m sure they’ll all be quiet as mice, your majesty.

SNIFFLES: They will if this script’s anything to go by.

KING: By the way Nursie, we have a special surprise for you, don’t we Rosemary?

QUEEN: We certainly do Basil.

NURSIE: A surprise! For moi? Whatever could it be?

KING: We know how lonely your life must be Nursie, living all alone in your little flat.

QUEEN: Especially during those long cold winter nights.

NURSIE: I’ll admit it would be nice to have some company.

KING: Which is why we’ve decided to give you a room here at the palace.

QUEEN: Where you can experience love and companionship with somebody special.

KING: Someone you can cuddle and whisper sweet words to every night.

QUEEN: And whose tummy you can tickle and blow raspberries on.

NURSIE: It takes a woman to know a woman’s needs, your majesty.

KING: Are you ready to give it to Nursie, Sniffles?

SNIFFLES: Ready and willing your majesty.

NURSIE: Oh, you saucy thing, Sniffles!

QUEEN: Then let her have it right away.

SNIFFLES: Yes, your majesty.

NURSIE: Shouldn’t we go somewhere private first Sniffles?

SNIFFLES: No Nursie, their majesties insist I do it in their presence.

KING: We want to see your reaction when he takes it out and gives it to you Nursie.

NURSIE: It’s the reaction of the audience I’m worried about.

QUEEN: I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing it too.

NURSIE: I doubt it, this is supposed to be a family show.

KING: Hurry up and do it, Sniffles.

SNIFFLES: Yes, your majesty. [turns away and fumbles in his pocket]

NURSIE: [to audience] Cover your eyes, kids!

SNIFFLES: [hands Nursie small apron with ‘Royal Nanny’ on it] Here you are Nursie.

NURSIE: What’s this?

QUEEN: It’s your new uniform.

NURSIE: [puzzled] New uniform?

QUEEN: We’d like you to become a full-time live-in Nanny to Princess Aurora, Nursie.

NURSIE: You were talking about cuddling Aurora, and tickling her tummy every night?

KING: Of course!

QUEEN: Who did you think we were talking about Nursie?

NURSIE: Never mind.

KING: What do you say Nursie?

NURSIE: It’s a big commitment your majesty, I’ll have to think about it.

QUEEN: If you take the job, your room will be next to Sniffles.

NURSIE: When can I move in?

KING: Right away.

NURSIE: There is a connecting door I take it?

QUEEN: Yes, Nursie.

SNIFFLES: And you can take it that I’ll be boarding it up.