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The evil troll Rumpelstiltskin wants the beautiful Annie Gusset, daughter of Gertie Gusset the dressmaker for his wife. His henchmen tell the hard up King and Queen that Annie can spin anything into gold, and they imprison her and order her to spin straw into gold for them.

Rumpelstiltskin appears in Annie’s cell and offers to win her freedom by spinning straw into gold for her, and she promises him anything he wants in return. However Annie is freed by her mother and friends and Annie refuses to marry Rumpelstiltskin.

Rumpelstiltskin has Annie kidnapped and brought to his castle, and once again she must be rescued by Gertie and friends to ensure a happy ending.


11 principals plus 2 cameos and some speaking lines for the chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Witch Minerva
Dancers; Villagers; Ghouls; etc.


Music cue 1: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Vance [SR] struggling with a big cardboard box. He puts it down.

VANCE: Hiya folks! I’m Vance, but everybody calls me ‘Van the man,’ because I deliver stuff in my van. So, whenever I come on and shout who’s the man? I want you all to shout back, ‘Van’s the man!’ Okay? Let’s have a go then. [exits and enters] Who’s the man? Great! I‘m delivering this package to the palace, but my van’s just broken down and I’m struggling to carry it the rest of the way.

Enter Annie [SL]

ANNIE: Hello Vance, have you seen my mum anywhere?

VANCE: No, Annie, and I don’t want to.

ANNIE: Don’t tell me she’s still bothering you.

VANCE: It’s called ‘stalking,’ Annie.

ANNIE: I take it you’re not interested in her romantically then?

VANCE: I’m not interested in her remotely, never mind romantically.

ANNIE: Then why don’t you just tell her?

VANCE: I do keep telling her, but she doesn’t listen.

ANNIE: I know what you mean. What’s in the box, Vance?

VANCE: It’s a cake for the King’s Golden Jubilee party, but it’s too heavy to carry all the way to the palace.

ANNIE: What’s wrong with your van?

VANCE: It’s just broken down.

ANNIE: Then why don’t you ring the AA?

VANCE: I’m not a member.


VANCE: Nope.

ANNIE: Green Flag?

VANCE: I’m afraid not.

ANNIE: Aren’t you a member of any breakdown service?

VANCE: Yes, I’ve joined a new one called, Breakdowns Anonymous.

ANNIE: Then why don’t you ring them?

VANCE: They don’t have a phone number.

ANNIE: Email?

VANCE: They don’t have an email address. Or a physical one, for that matter.

ANNIE: I think you’ve been taken for a ride, Vance.

VANCE: I think you’re right Annie.

Enter PM and Dogsbody [SR] Dogsbody wears a Town Crier’s hat and carries a large bag containing various hats.

DOGSBODY: [shouts] Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I have a small proclamation!

VANCE: I’m sorry to hear that, but why are you broadcasting it in public?

PM: Because Town Crier is one of his many jobs.

ANNIE: And who are you?

PM: I’m the Prime Minister.

VANCE: [aside] I thought he looked a bit dodgy.

PM: And this is Dogsbody, my cabinet.

DOGSBODY: [shouts] Order! Order!

ANNIE: How come you only have one cabinet member?

PM: Cutbacks I’m afraid. I had to fire the rest of them to maintain my high salary.

VANCE: And he does all the jobs, does he?

PM: That’s right.

Dogsbody rummages in the bag and puts on a builder’s hard hat.

ANNIE: What job’s he now?

PM: Minister for building works.

DOGSBODY: [to Annie] ‘Ello darlin’ are you experiencing any subsidence?

ANNIE: No, but I think my mum might be.

VANCE: [aside] And that’s only her body.

Dogsbody dons a police helmet.

ANNIE: Who is he now then?

PM: Minister for the police.

DOGSBODY: [to Vance] Have you ever considered a career in the force young fella?

VANCE: I did go for a police interview once, but it didn’t go well.

ANNIE: How come?

VANCE: I kept replying, ‘no comment,’ to every question.

PM: Town Crier again, Dogsbody.

DOGSBODY: [Town Crier’s hat on] Oh yeah! Oh yeah! The king has decreed that all taxes are to be increased, with immediate effect!

ANNIE: But he increased them only last month!

VANCE: If the king keeps increasing everybody’s taxes, he risks a popular revolt.

DOGSBODY: I don’t think a revolt would be very popular.

PM: Well, not with us anyway. I’d be out of a job, and you’d be out of several.

ANNIE: At this rate, we’ll all need several jobs soon just to pay our taxes.

PM: It’s time for my weekly meeting with his majesty. Chauffeur please, Dogsbody.

DOGSBODY: [dons a flat cap] Where to guv?

PM: I said chauffeur Dogsbody, not taxi-driver!

DOGSBODY: More cutbacks I’m afraid PM.

VANCE: If you’re going to the palace, would you mind delivering this box for me?

DOGSBODY: My many jobs don’t include that of delivery person.

PM: Drive on Dogsbody!

Music cue 2: Exit Dogsbody driving, PM off.

VANCE: So, how’s your business doing Annie?

ANNIE: Fantastic! The king has just placed an order for five-thousand army uniforms.

VANCE: Five-thousand!? Anybody would think there was a war on.

ANNIE: The king certainly does. Anyway, I must find mother. Bye, Vance. [exits SL]

VANCE: I can’t carry this box any farther. I’ll leave it here while I try and fix my van. Oh, but then somebody might nick it. Would you mind looking after it for me? I’ll leave it here…[places it DSR]…and if anybody goes near it just shout and warn me now, what shall I get you to shout? I know! It holds a big fruitcake, so just shout ‘fruitcake,’ and I’ll come running, okay? Let’s have a practice then. I’ll sneak up on the box and pretend I’m about to nick it. [repeat until happy] Great now, keep watching it for me and I’ll see you later. [exits SR]