Puss In Boots



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Fairy Light wishes to help a young boy named Tom, claim his rightful inheritance. But first she must defeat her nemesis, the evil Demon Donella.

While Tom has been away, his father has died and his two brothers have sold the family mill, much to the annoyance of everyone who relied on it for their daily flour, including the King and Queen.

Tom returns home to discover that he has inherited the princely sum of one golden guinea and a cat, but Little does he know that this cat and a pair of magical boots, will be the means by which he can reclaim his true inheritance.

Tom meets and falls in love with Princess Pearl, but as well as convincing the King and Queen that he is worthy of her, he must also fend off Hyacinth Hollyhock who is desperate to marry off her three daughters.

This panto is purrfect family fun for all the family.


12 principals and 4 smaller speaking roles for the Dame’s daughters. Plus several other minor speaking roles and an Ogre.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Gormless The Ogre
Villagers; Maids; Palace Guests; Goblins; etc.




Music cue 1: Chorus. After song ends…Chorus line up at the mill door.

Music cue 2: Enter the Royal party [SR]

MAJOR D: Make way for the Royal party!

Royal Party make their way through and stand in front of the mill door.

KING: Greetings loyal objects!

The Chorus are plainly unimpressed.

QUEEN: The commoners don’t seem pleased to see us, Major Domo.

MAJOR D: I’m afraid the royal family aren’t as popular as they once were, your majesty.

KING: [to Queen] I think it’s time for a spot of royal hand waving, dear.

QUEEN: That always goes down well with our subjects, doesn’t it.

King and Queen wave their hands about in the royal fashion.

CHORUS 1: Would you mind shifting? We’re waiting for the mill to open!

MAJOR D: How dare you speak thus to royalty!

CHORUS 2: We’re not interested in royalty, mate.

CHORUS 3: We’re only interested in buying our daily flour.

PRINCESS: [sighs] Do hurry up father, this is all so tiresome.

KING: Pearl, please, not in front of the common folk.

CHORUS 4: Who are you calling common, mush? [wipes nose nosily on sleeve]

QUEEN: [grimaces] Gross!

KING: Do the announcement, Major Domo.

MAJOR D: Yes, your majesty. [bangs mace] Hear ye! Hear ye! The Royal Palace is holding a garden party tomorrow, and everybody is invited!

Chorus cheer and exit [SL] talking animatedly as they go.

QUEEN: That seems to have perked them up somewhat.

MAJOR D: Your majesties subjects are a fickle lot. If they ever lose interest in royalty, you need only announce a royal event and their interest is re-kindled.

KING: It’s always worked for the Windsor’s.

PRINCESS: Can we go now? I’m bored.

KIN & QUE: Bored!?

PRINCESS: Yes, bored. B.O.R.E.D, bored! If I were a Prince, I’d be off slaying dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. Being a Princess, is dead boring.

KIN & QUE: Oh no, it isn’t!

PRINCESS: Oh yes, it is!

QUEEN: I’ll bet the peasants don’t think it’s boring being a Princess.

PRINCESS: And I’ll bet they do.

KING: We’ll ask them, and if you’re wrong then you must agree a forfeit.

PRINCESS: What kind of forfeit?

KING: You must find yourself someone suitable to marry within the week.

PRINCESS: You can’t be serious, father.

KING: Deadly serious Pearl. At least being married might stop you getting bored.

QUEEN: [dryly] I wouldn’t bet on it.

PRINCESS: Then the forfeit should work both ways.

KING: But we’re already married.

QUEEN: To each other as it happens.

PRINCESS: If I win the bet, then you must allow me to marry whoever I please.

KING & QUEEN: It’s a deal!

KING: Major Domo will act as the referee and decide who won.

MAJOR D: Yes, your majesty. [to audience] On the count of three, everybody who thinks it’s brilliant being a Princess, shout brilliant! And everybody who thinks it’s boring being a Princess, shout boring! One…two…three! Their majesties, win.

PRINCESS: I think I’ve just been stitched up.

QUEEN: That’s settled then, you must find yourself a suitable spouse within the week.

PRINCESS: You’re not seriously going to hold me to that silly forfeit, are you?

KING: A deal’s a deal, Pearl.

QUEEN: I’m famished!

KING: Me too. Find us the nearest Gregg’s, Major Domo.

MAJOR D: Yes, your majesty.

QUEEN: Come along Pearl.

PRINCESS: I’ve suddenly lost my appetite. I’ll just wait here until you return.

KING: We can’t leave you here all alone!

PRINCESS: I’ll be perfectly safe, and I promise I won’t move.

QUEEN: Very well then, we won’t be long.

Exit King, Queen [SR] led off by Major Domo.

PRINCESS: How do they expect me to find somebody to fall in love with and marry, within a week? It’s impossible! Music cue 3: Princess.>/u> After song ends…

Enter King, Queen and Major Domo [SR]

KING: That king-sized pasty was delicious.

QUEEN: As was their vegan sausage roll.

PRINCESS: Can we please go home now?

KING: Yes, Pearl. Lead on Major Domo.

Exit Royal Party [SR] led off by Major Domo.

Enter Daisy and Rose [SL] they go up to the mill door.

POPPY: [sees a sign on the door that reads MILL CLOSED] The mill’s closed Rose!

DAISY: The lazy millers must still be in bed Daisy.

ROSE: I’ll knock them up. [knocks on door]

POPPY: It’s no use, they’re probably fast asleep.

DAISY: Why don’t we ask this lot…[audience]…to help us wake them?

ROSE: [to audience] Will you help us wake the millers? On the count of three all shout, wakey-wakey! One…two…three! Wakey-wakey!