Jack And The Beanstalk Version 1


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The village of Merrydale is being terrorised by the Giant Blunderbore and his henchman Fleshcreep and the King and Queen, are forced to act as rent collectors.

When dairy-owner Dame Trott, can’t pay up, she sells her cow Daisy, to raise the rent money. But her son Jack is tricked into selling Daisy to Fleshcreep for a bag of beans. Daisy is taken away to the Giant’s castle in the clouds, along with Jack’s girlfriend, Jill.

Jack must find a way to rescue them before they become giant snacks. Cue a giant beanstalk.


10 principals plus several small speaking roles and a voiceover Giant. Also a pantomime cow and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Daisy The Cow
The Giant [voiceover]
Dancers; Milkmaids; Villagers; Elves; etc.



Typical village square. Trott’s Dairy is [USL] and has a practical door and window. Music cue 3: Chorus. After song ends…

JILL: If only we could be happy like this all of the time.

CHORUS 1: But everyday our happiness is spoiled by the horrible giant Blunderbore.

CHORUS 2: And there’s nothing we can do about him.

CHORUS 3: Even the King and Queen are under his giant thumb.

JILL: My Jack will sort Blunderbore out one of these days, you’ll see.

CHORUS 4: Isn’t he frightened of taking on a man-eating giant, Jill?

JILL: Nothing frightens Jack, not even that giant bully.

Music cue 4: Enter Fleshcreep [SL]

FLESHCREEP: So, your Jack’s not afraid of my master, eh?

JILL: No, and I’m not afraid of you Fleshcreep.

FLESHCREEP: [stroking Jill’s hair] I don’t want you to be afraid of me, my dear.

CHORUS 5: Watch it Jill, I think he has a soft spot for you.

JILL: He has lots of soft spots, and they’re called zits!

Chorus laugh.

FLESHCREEP: Shut up, or you’ll all be sorry!

JILL: Just go away Fleshcreep you horrible man.

GIANT: Fe-fi-fo-fum! I love humans in my tum!

Exit terrified Chorus at a run [SR]

FLESHCREEP: That’s it, run away! And if Jack Trott were here, he’d run away too.

JILL: Oh no, he wouldn’t!

FLESHCREEP: Oh yes, he would!

JILL: Oh yes, he would!

FLESHCREEP: Oh no, he wouldn’t!

JILL: I’m glad you agree Fleshcreep.

FLESHCREEP: Very clever my pretty, but just pay heed,

I’ll return when Blunderbore wants a feed. [exits SL]

JILL: Don’t let Fleshcreep or the giant frighten you boys and girls. My Jack will sort them both out, just you wait and see. [exits SR]

Enter Simon [SL]

SIMON: Hiya boys and girls! My name’s Simon Trott, and I’m Jack Trott’s brother. I’m not as brave as our Jack, though. He’d take on the giant with one hand tied behind his back, but I’m sure he’d appreciate a bit of support so, I’m forming the Jack Trott Supporters Club. Would you all like to join? I said, would you like to join the Jack Trott Supporters Cub? Fantastic!

Enter Jack [SR]

JACK: Hiya Simon! You haven’t seen Jill about, have you?

SIMON: No Jack, how long have you two been going out together now?

JACK: Almost a year Simon, and she’s everything I’ve ever dreamed about in a girl. Music cue 5: Jack. After song ends…

SIMON: Seeing as you might be taking on the giant soon Jack, I thought I’d get a few supporters to cheer you on. [indicating audience] Look!

JACK: Wow Simon, that’s fantastic!

SIMON: I thought you’d be impressed.

JACK: I certainly am. I only hope they’re braver than the last lot we had in.

SIMON: Oh yes, this lot are much braver. [to audience] Aren’t you?

JACK: Did you warn them they might get eaten by the giant if they’re caught?

SIMON: I didn’t bother them with the minor details Jack, but they’re very keen.

JACK: It’s good to know they’ll all be behind me when I take on the giant.

SIMON: Yes, and I’ll be behind the lot of you. [aside] Way behind.

JACK: Now that you’re all my supporters, whenever I come on I’ll shout hi gang! And I want you all to shout back, hi Jack, as loud as you can. Will you do that? Let’s give it a go then. [exits and re-enters] Hi gang! I thought you said they were better than the last lot, Simon?

SIMON: They’re just warming up, Jack. Do it again and I’m sure they’ll raise the roof.

JACK: Okay, Simon. Hi gang! That was brilliant!

SIMON: Remind me to dig out one of my smelly old socks later Jack.

JACK: What for Simon?

SIMON: Mum’s making a batch of Stilton later and uses it for the starter culture.

JACK: If only people realised how that stuff was made.

SIMON: Well, they do now.

JACK: Have you taken Daisy for her daily walk yet Simon?

SIMON: I’m just about to do it now Jack, I’ll see you later then. [exits inside]

JACK: I’ve just remembered, the new milk float’s being delivered today, and I can’t wait to give it a test drive. Bye gang! [waves and exits inside]

Enter Dame Trott [SR] carrying a shopping bag.

DAME TROTT: Hello boys and girls! I’m Dame Trott, and I run Trott’s Dairy with my two sons, Simon, and Jack. One’s got no get up and go, and the other one’s brain got up and went. I’m also a widow. [elicit sympathy] My late husband used to say to me, what you’ve never had you’ll never miss so, he never gave me anything. After our wedding, he whisked me away on a P&O cruise. Pubs and off licenses that is. But he wasn’t all bad, just the bit between the top of his head and the soles of his feet. Ten years ago he fell into a slurry pit and drowned, and all we found was his toupee floating on top. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of that slurry with the fringe on top. But Trott’s dairy is currently going through a rough patch, I’m months behind with the rent and the King’s coming to collect today. I’m at my wits end so, I did what most women do when they’re at their wits end and went shopping. I bought lots of sweeties and then realised I’m on a diet and can’t eat them. Would you like them instead? What a surprise. Here you go then. [distribute sweets]

Enter Simon [SL]

SIMON: Hi mum!

DAME TROTT: Hello Simon. [looks past him] Where’s Daisy?

SIMON: I was hoping you could tell me, mum.

DAME TROTT: Didn’t you take her for her daily walk this morning?

SIMON: Yes mum, but on the way home I popped into a shop to buy us both an ice cream, and when I came back out, she’d gone.

DAME TROTT: You’ve lost our Daisy!?

SIMON: Don’t worry mum, I’m sure she’ll find her own way home.

DAME TROTT: What do you think she is Simon, a homing cow? I hope she hasn’t been kidnapped.

SIMON: Don’t you mean, ‘cownapped?’

DAME TROTT: Have any of you boys and girls seen Daisy? She’s got beautiful big brown eyes, silky-soft skin, with two horns at one end and a tail at the other.

SIMON: Why don’t we try calling her, mum?

DAME TROTT: All right, Simon. After three…three!