Goldilocks And The Three Bears Version 2



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Clarissa Clutterbuck’s circus is failing, and rival circus owner Greta Grimm indulges in dirty tricks to try and put her out of business.

Clarissa’s daughter Goldilocks is robbed in the forest of all their money by Greta’s sidekick Snivel, and ends up in the cottage of The Three bears. The bears love to dance and Goldie persuades them to join Clutterbuck’s circus. But just when things are starting to look up, Greta and Snivel throw a spanner in the works.

Meanwhile, Goldilocks has two rivals for her affections. Silly Billy the animal cage cleaner who dreams of being a circus clown, and Rocco the handsome ringmaster.

Who will claim the hand of the beautiful Goldilocks? Read the script in full to find out.


10 principals, plus one cameo role and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Police officer
Circus acts; Villagers; Dancers; Spooks; etc.




Chorus are on Music cue 1: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Music cue 2: Enter Rocco the ringmaster [SR]

ROCCO: Hiya folks! Welcome to Clarissa Clutterbuck’s Circus big top! I’m Rocco the Ringmaster, and whenever I come on and shout, how’s tricks!? I want you all to shout back, Rockin’ Rocco! Okay? Let’s try it then. How’s tricks!? Not bad, now let’s hear a proper circus shout. How’s tricks!? That was much better. I only joined Clutterbuck’s Circus a month ago, and now I wouldn’t be anywhere else. That’s because I’ve fallen in love with Clarissa’s beautiful daughter Goldilocks, the circus bareback rider. I haven’t told her how I feel about her yet, because I want to be sure that she feels the same way about me first. I need a new ringmaster’s whip and I’m just going to ask Clarissa for one. See you later folks! [exits SL]

Music cue 3: Enter Greta Grimm [SL]

GRETA: Greetings. I’m Greta Grimm of Grimm’s Circus. I was hoping to pitch my big top on the village green, but Clutterbuck’s Circus has beaten me to it. But I don’t intend to move on. Instead, I will ensure that Clutterbuck’s goes bust and then Grimm’s will take its place on the village green. [shouts] Snivel!

Music cue 4: Enter Snivel [SL]

SNIVEL: Yes, boss?

GRETA: I have a little job for you Snivel.

SNIVEL: Is it something nasty?

GRETA: Is the sea wet?

SNIVEL: Of course it’s wet – what a perfectly daft question!

GRETA: It was a rhetorical question you idiot.

SNIVEL: What does that mean?

GRETA: It means I wasn’t expecting an answer.

SNIVEL: Why bother asking a question if you don’t expect an answer?

GRETA: Never mind! I want you to join Clutterbuck’s Circus and spy on them for me.

SNIVEL: Righto boss. What shall I join them as?

GRETA: Pretend you’re a fortune-teller.

SNIVEL: What do fortune-tellers do then?

GRETA: They tell people what they want to hear.

SNIVEL: How will I know what they want to hear?

GRETA: Just tell them, you’re going to come into money, you’re going on holiday, and you’re going to find love. And give yourself a suitable stage name.

SNIVEL: What stage name would be suitable boss?

GRETA: How about, Marvin the Mystic?

SNIVEL: Marvin the Mystic – I like it boss!

GRETA: Good. Now go and gather information that will help me destroy Clutterbuck’s.

SNIVEL: Yes boss! [exits SR]

GRETA: Clutterbuck’s Circus will be crushed and mine will reign supreme! [exits SL]

Music cue 5: Enter Silly Billy [SR]

SILLY BILLY: Hiya boys and girls! My name’s Silly Billy and I work at Clutterbuck’s Circus. Not that I’m silly mind, it’s just a stage name. I chose Silly Billy because my name’s Billy and I’m hoping to impress the circus owner and become a silly clown. I’ve already got my clown’s catchphrase, and it goes like this. Every time I come on and shout, don’t get down! You all shout back, be a clown! Okay? I’m also hoping to impress Clarissa’s daughter Goldilocks. I fancy her like mad and hope to marry her one day.

Music cue 6: Enter Clarissa [SL]

CLARISSA: Stand by your beds, the star with the big top has arrived! [hoists bosom] I’ve been really busy all morning polishing dozens of clown’s shoes, which is no small feet. [a beat] I’ll wait.

SILLY BILLY: Have you given any thought to making me a clown yet, Clarissa?

CLARISSA: Yes Billy, I have.


CLARISSA: The answer’s no.

SILLY BILLY: But I’ve been practicing my juggling.

CLARISSA: Show me then.

SILLY BILLY: Okay, I’ll just get my balls out.

CLARISSA: I beg your puddin’?

SILLY BILLY: Juggling balls! Watch this. [produces three juggling balls. He juggles Music cue 7: drops one and continues with two]

CLARISSA: You’ve dropped one Billy.

SILLY BILLY: That’s the Portaloos Clarissa!


SILLY BILLY: Oh yes, it is!

CLARISSA: You’ve dropped one of your balls!

SILLY BILLY: Sorry. [picks it up] A bit more practice and I’ll be brilliant.

CLARISSA: How about a quick tumble?

SILLY BILLY: No thanks Clarissa, you’re not my type.

CLARISSA: I meant a clown tumble!

SILLY BILLY: Oh, right. [does a clumsy forward roll on the floor, then stands and wavers] Oooh, I’ve gone a little dizzy.

CLARISSA: You’ve always been dizzy, and more than a little.

SILLY BILLY: Have I got the job of clown then?

CLARISSA: No, just carry on mucking out the animal cages.

SILLY BILLY: I hate crawling inside those small cages. My knees are sore, and my hands are red.

CLARISSA: That sounds like a good night in, to me.

SILLY BILLY: I’ll never impress Goldilocks if I stink of animal poo.

CLARISSA: You’ve got no chance with my Goldie Billy.

SILLY BILLY: Why not? I’m not that bad looking am I?

CLARISSA: Not compared to one of our chimp’s bottom’s, granted.

SILLY BILLY: It’s a well-known fact that girls prefer a man who can make them laugh.

CLARISSA: You’re hilarious Billy! [laughs]

SILLY BILLY: I’m in with a chance then.

CLARISSA: I meant hilarious as in ridiculous.

SILLY BILLY: One day I’ll make circus clown, and then nobody will laugh at me. [exits]

CLARISSA: Poor deluded soul. I can sympathise though because I used to have trouble finding a man. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Because of my ravishing beauty most men thought I was out of their league. I had to dress down a bit to get a man, although I did keep my socks on.