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Cinderella is bullied by her wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters, and her only true friend is Buttons the butler. He is always trying to cheer her up, but is too shy to tell her how he really feels about her.

When a royal ball is announced, Cinderella believes her dream of meeting and marrying Prince Charming might come true. But, her stepmother and sisters have other ideas, and Cinderella is left home alone.

However, things take a magical turn when her Fairy Godmother appears and ensures that Cinderella gets to the ball and true love finally wins the day.


11 principals plus several minor roles, a dog and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Max The Dog
Dancers; Maids; Cooks; Palace guests; etc.



Chorus are onstage dusting and cleaning. Music cue 2: Chorus. After song ends…

Enter Buttons at a run [SR]

BUTTONS: Was that you guys I heard singing just now?

CHORUS 1: Yes, Buttons.

CHORUS 2: We’re just trying to lighten the atmosphere.

BUTTONS: It could certainly do with it, but you know how the baroness hates singing.

CHORUS 3: We won’t be here for much longer anyway.

BUTTONS: Don’t tell me the Baroness is sacking you lot too?

CHORUS 4: Yes Buttons, and you might be next.

BUTTONS: Nah, she’s always saying she needs a handyman about the place.

CHORUS 5: Then it might be handy if you kept out of her way.

BUTTONS: I try and do that as much as possible anyway.

CHORUS 6: Come on guys, let’s carry on working our notice.

Exit Chorus [SR]

BUTTONS: Hiya kids! I’m Buttons, and I work here at Hardup Hall. But ever since Baron Hardup remarried and the new Baroness and her two ugly daughters moved in, things have gone downhill fast. But the person I feel sorriest for, is the Baron’s daughter Cinderella. The Baroness and her daughters treat her like a servant and work her hard day and night. I try to cheer her up as much as possible, but I often need cheering up myself. I tell you what, whenever I come on and shout, hiya kids! Will you all to shout back hiya Buttons, as loud as you can and help cheer me up. Let’s try it then. [exits and re-enters] Hiya kids! I need cheering up more than that. Let’s have another go. [repeats business] That was much better.

Enter Grimelda [SL]

GRIMELDA: Buttons!

BUTTONS: Good morning Baroness.

GRIMELDA: Who was making that infernal racket, earlier?

BUTTONS: It was just the servants singing while they worked, mistress.

GRIMELDA: Well, tell them to stop it immediately!

BUTTONS: But I thought you wanted them to clean the place.

GRIMELDA: Are you trying to be funny, Buttons?

BUTTONS: Well, this is a pantomime mistress.

GRIMELDA: Then try acting the role of a servant for once.

BUTTONS: Yes, mistress.

GRIMELDA: Have you seen Bella and Donna this morning?

BUTTONS: Yes, but I’m sure I’ll get over the shock eventually.

GRIMELDA: They are shockingly attractive, aren’t they?

BUTTONS: They’ve gone to the beauty parlour, mistress.

GRIMELDA: A beauty parlour can’t improve their looks.

BUTTONS: No, mistress. [aside] But a paper bag might help.

GRIMELDA: They’re perfect just as they are.

BUTTONS: [aside] Perfectly ugly that is.

Enter Bella and Donna [SR] arguing.

BELLA: He fancies me I tell you!

DONNA: Nobody could fancy you!

BELLA: The moment we met I was swept off my feet.

DONNA: That’s because he was driving a road-sweeper at the time.

BELLA: He’s calling round later to pick me up.

DONNA: It’s his job to pick up rubbish.

BELLA: Shut your cakehole, you jealous cow! [goes to scrag Donna]

GRIMELDA: Girls, please conduct yourselves like the ladies you are.

UGLIES: Yes, mamma.

BELLA: [rubbing her bum] Ooooh!

GRIMELDA: What’s the matter Bella dear?

BELLA: I’m covered in bruises mama.

DONNA: It’s her own fault for throwing herself at men.

GRIMELDA: How can that give you bruises?

DONNA: They always move at the last minute.

BUTTONS: I don’t blame them.

GRIMELDA: Buttons, go and fetch Cinderella, I have a list of chores for her to do.

BUTTONS: But she hasn’t finished that big list you gave her this morning.

GRIMELDA: The lazy child!

UGLIES: [hands on hips] She’s lazy, lazy, lazy!

BUTTONS: Oh no, she isn’t!

UGLIES: Oh yes, she is!

BUTTONS: Cinders works really hard, while you both laze around all day.

DONNA: That’s because we’re ladies.

BELLA: And ladies do not scrub floors.

BUTTONS: Funny, you look like a pair of scrub…

GRIMELDA: Buttons! [pointing] Fetch!

BUTTONS: [to audience] She treats me like a dog at times you know.

GRIMELDA: And be quick about it or you’ll find yourself in the doghouse!

BUTTONS: [to audience] See what I mean? I’m just going, mistress. [exits SR]

DONNA: Why don’t you sack that little creep, mumsy?

BELLA: He’s always sticking up for our lazy good-for-nothing stepsister.

GRIMELDA: I’d like to girls, but he’s in a very strong union.

DONNA: What union?

GRIMELDA: The Domestic Underlings Mutual Partners Society.

BELLA: [mouths letters] He’s in the Dumps!?

DONNA: Just like your new boyfriend.

BELLA: Watch it sister!

Enter Cinderella and Buttons [SR]

CINDERELLA: You wanted to see me stepmother?

DONNA: Just look at the state of her!

BELLA: How does she manage to get so dirty?

BUTTONS: You wouldn’t understand, it’s called ‘work?’