Babes In The Wood (Perusal)


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The wicked Prince John plans to have his brother’s children kidnapped and disposed of, so that he can claim the throne of England for himself. But he reckons without the babe’s faithful Nurse Nettles and Maid Marion, aided by Robin Hood and his reduced band of merry men.


12 principals plus several smaller speaking roles and a chorus.


All of our scripts have a runtime of approx 120 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.


All of our pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Nurse Nettles
Maid Marion
Sheriff of Nottingham
Prince John
Robin Hood
Friar Tuck
Little John
Will Scarlet

Chorus/Minor roles

Schoolchildren (including the babes)
Dancers, etc

Scene One

The Village Of Piddle In The Field

Music cue 1: Villagers. After song ends…Bugsy enters (SR)

Bugsy Hello boys and girls! I’m Bugsy Stallone and I’m a Teaching Assistant.

Villager 1 Shouldn’t you be at school by now, Bugsy?

Bugsy I’m just on my way there now.

Villager 2 How come you’re always late for school, Bugsy?

Bugsy It’s because I have trouble hearing the alarm clock.

Villager 3 How come you have trouble hearing the alarm clock?

Bugsy Because I’m always fast asleep when it goes off.

Villager 4 You won’t have any problem hearing Nurse Nettles when she bawls you out, Bugsy.

Villagers exit laughing.

Bugsy I’m a bit sad today boys and girls, because I’ve just broken up with my girlfriend. (elicit sympathy) It’s sadder than that! We’d been together five years, and yesterday she said she wanted to get married. The only problem is, she wants to marry somebody else. Will you help cheer me up? Whenever I come on, I’ll shout who d’ya love? And you all to shout back, you Bugsy! Will you do that? Let’s have practice then. (exits and re-enters) who d’ya love? (response) I feel better already. But I probably won’t after meeting Nurse Nettles. Her name suits her, ‘cos she has a face that looks like she’s just been licking nettles.

Nursie (enters SL) Bugsy!

Bugsy (turns) Nurse, Nettles! I was just talking about you.

Nursie Oh, yes?

Bugsy I was just telling all the boys and girls, what a nice kind-hearted person you are. (to audience) Wasn’t I? (response) See?

Nursie Flattery won’t help you now, Bugsy. Why are you late for school again?

Bugsy Sorry Nursie. I thought it was half term.

Nursie That’s because you only have half a brain.

Bugsy How come you aren’t at school, Nursie?

Nursie I’ve just been and the whole place was empty.

Bugsy Maybe it really is half term.

Nursie Don’t talk daft! All the kids are wagging it!

Bugsy Perhaps their parents kept them off, because you refused to teach them sex education.

Nursie I found it too embarrassing.

Bugsy For you or the kids?

Nursie Me! I’d never even heard of some of the stuff they came out with.

Bugsy That’ll because you’re and old foggie.

Nursie Rubbish! I’m still a fresh-faced young woman. And it’s all down to…


Nursie No! Hard work and clean living!

Bugsy (to audience) I do all the hard work and she does all the living.

Nursie Plus, I allow myself a visit to the beauty parlour once a week. I was booked in today, but they had to cancel due to technical problems.

Bugsy Don’t tell me the cement mixer’s broken down again? (laughs)

Nursie One off these days you’ll push me too far, Bugsy!

Bugsy (to audience) I’d need a bulldozer to push her.

Nursie Right, that’s it! (hands him a note) Take this and put it in the…(local paper)

Bugsy What is it?

Nursie It’s an ad for a new teaching assistant.

Bugsy You’re giving me the sack!?

Nursie Full marks Bugsy!

Bugsy Can’t you take a joke, Nursie?

Nursie Take it! I’ve employed it for the past two years, and now it’s somebody else’s turn.

Bugsy I suppose I’d better be off then. (starts trudging off SL eliciting audience sympathy)

Nursie And you can forget playing for sympathy. This isn’t a Jack and the Beanstalk panto.

Bugsy (to audience) No, but it still has an old cow in it. (exits SL)

Nursie Hopefully my next TA won’t be so cheeky.

Marion and Robin enter (SL)

Marion (cheerily) Hello, mum!

Nursie (to audience) This is my daughter, Marion. You can tell where she gets her good looks from, can’t you? (snaps) Who said, no?

Marion I just passed Bugsy and he seemed a bit upset. Has something bad happened?

Nursie Not for me. I’ve just sacked him.

Marion But Bugsy’s been with you forever, mum.

Nursie Two years, actually. It just seems like it’s been forever.

Marion But where will you find another TA, willing to work for nothing?

Nursie Bugsy didn’t work for nothing. He got paid in kind.

Marion What kind? On second thoughts, I don’t think I want to know.

Nursie His board and lodgings, what else?

Marion How come you didn’t pay him in money?

Nursie I can’t afford it, due to cuts. I’ve even had to recycle the kid’s exercise books.

Marion How can you recycle exercise books?

Nursie By hanging them in the loo.

Marion That can’t be very nice for the children.

Nursie I must admit, they’re having it rough. (to audience) Think about it.

Marion But your new assistant might want paying in money.

Nursie Good point. I’ll tell Bugsy he can have his old job back. (indicates Robin who is adjusting his tights) Who’s your friend in the green tights, Marion?

Marion This is my new boyfriend, mum.

Nursie (takes her aside) He might be a friend Marion. But are you sure he’s a boy?

Marion As sure as you’re a woman.

Nursie Oh, don’t confuse things even more.

Nursie (to Robin) And what’s your name, young man?

Robin I’m Robin Hood! (slaps his thigh)

Nursie Doesn’t that sting?

Robin Not really. I’m used to it.

Nursie And what do you do for a living, Robin?

Robin I rob people.

Nursie So, you’re the chancellor of the exchequer?

Robin No, I only rob from the rich.

Nursie Business must be a bit thin around here then.

Robin I love Marion terribly.

Nursie Maybe you ought to try a bit harder, then.

Marion And I love Robin with all my heart.

Nursie Well make sure that’s all it’s with. (to audience) I’m sorry kids, but this is the part where they sing the soppy song. I’m off to round up my pupils. Bye! (exits SR)

Music cue 2: Robin and Marion. After song ends…The Merry Men enter (SL)

Robin Greetings, men!

Alan-a-dale What happened to you, Robin?

Robin What do you mean, Alan?

Will Scarlet You didn’t show up for our meeting in Sherwood Forest this morning.

Robin I thought that was tomorrow, Will.

Little John We were supposed to be discussing our plan to rob Prince John, when he visits Nottingham late today.

Robin Sorry, Little John. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently.

Friar Tuck (looking at Marion) And I think we all know what that is.

Marion I’ll leave you to sort things out, Robin. Bye! (exits SR)

Alan-a-dale Marion’s a nice girl, Robin. But we mustn’t get side-tracked from our duty.

Robin Nothing will sway me from our noble task, of robbing the rich to help the poor. Now let us away to our hideout and make plans.

Robin and Men exit (SR) Sheriff enters (SL)

Sheriff (turns and calls) Hurry along David and stop dribbling!

Music cue 3: David enters (SL) dressed in a football strip and dribbling a football.

Sheriff I thought I told you to leave your football at home, son.

David I must keep practising my ball skills, dad. If I want to be a professional footballer.

Sheriff You’ll never make a living from football, son. Now give me the ball.

David The manager said I mustn’t give the ball away, dad. If you want it, you’ll have to tackle me for it. (dribbles the ball around stage)

Sheriff (tries tackling him) Give it here you little…(kicks David on the shin)

David (goes down and rolls about stage, theatrically) Foul, ref!

Sheriff I never touched you?

David (stands) Free kick, dad! (places the ball)

Sheriff Righto. (kicks him on the shin again)

David Owah! (holding his shin) No dad, it’s my free kick!

Sheriff If you think you’re taking a free kick at me, you’ve got another think coming. (kicks ball into wing) Now you know what we’re here for, don’t you?

David Yes, dad. We’re here to collect taxis for Prince John.

Sheriff No David. It’s taxes, not taxis.

David (dimly) Ooooh…right.

Sheriff I sometimes find it hard to believe, that I was blessed with a son as intelligent as you.

David Is that why you made me have that DNA test last week, dad?

Sheriff No son, that was an IQ test. The DNA test was the week before. And it proved beyond any shadow of maintenance, that you are indeed the fruit of my overactive loins.

David But I thought that loins were big fierce animals, dad.

Sheriff No, David! Those are lions!

David So, what are loins then?

Sheriff I’ll tell you when you’re grown up.

David But I am growed up dad.

Sheriff Only from the neck down, son. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay at home, and watch the Tweenies, David? (or current kiddie’s programme)

David No, dad. It’s take your child to work day, and I’ve always fancied seeing you Sheriffing.

Victoria (enters SL) Hello David.

David Hi, babe. This is my girlfriendictoria, dad. She’s a wag.

Sheriff What on earth do you see in my son, Victoria?

Victoria You mean, apart from the fact that he’s going to be a pro footballer and earn gazillions?

David I’ve decided to pack football in, babe.

Victoria But why David?

David There isn’t any Premier League yet, and I think dad’s fractured my leg.

Sheriff Do you know where my henchmen are, son?

David Yes, dad.

Sheriff Where?

David In France, silly.

Sheriff Never mind. I’ll find them myself. (exits SL)

Victoria Do you fancy a spot of cannoodling, David?DavidI can’t babe.

Victoria Why not dearest?

David I don’t have a canoe.

Victoria Then let’s sit on this bench. You can hold me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

David All right, babe. (they sit and cuddle and he whispers in her ear)

Victoria Why do you keep repeating the words sweet nothings, over and over, David?

David I thought you wanted me to.

Victoria No, David. I meant, whisper something soft and sweet in my ear.

David (stage whisper) Marshmallow!

Victoria We can’t go on like this, David. I want to know your intentions.

David I intention to make you the happiest girl in the world, babe.

Victoria (snuggling up to him) Then just name the day, lover.

David Today’s…(current day)

Victoria No, dearest! I meant, our wedding day.

David We can’t afford to get married yet, babe.

Victoria But I yearn for you David.

David I know, but we both need to be earning to afford a mortgage.

Victoria I sometimes wonder if you really do love me, David.

David ‘Course I do babe. I’ve even wrote a poem for you.

Victoria Oh David, you’re so romantic!

David I know, but I’m taking inhalers for it.

Victoria Let me hear it then. (he wheezes noisily) Not your Asthma David, your poem!

David Oh, right. Here goes then.
F is for the feelings I have for you
L is for the love that will see us through
O is for the ordinary way that we live
R is for the roses, to you I will give
A is for adorable ‘cos that’s what you are
Put them all together and it spells…FLORA.

Victoria But my name’s, Victoria!

David I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with, Victoria.

Victoria Oh David, you really do love me. Music cue 4: David and Victoria. After song ends…They exit (SR) holding hands and looking longingly at each other.

Nursie( enters SR) I couldn’t find those little truants anywhere. Not even in the pubs. Hic!

Sheriff (enters SL with Riff and Raff) Nurse Nettles! I’m glad I’ve bumped into you.

Nursie What do you want, Sheriff?

Sheriff You know what I want.

Nursie I know what you’ll get.

Sheriff And what’s that?

Nursie Nothing! That’s what.

Sheriff In that case, I have something for you.

Nursie What?

Sheriff These! (pushes Riff & Raff forward) You know what to do.

Riff & Raff Yes, boss. (they approach Nursie)

Riff You know what we want?

Nursie I know what you need.

Raff What’s that then?

Nursie Something between your ears.

Riff Hand over your taxes, or else!

Nursie How much do you want?

Raff How much have you got?

Nursie Zilch.

Riff Haven’t you anything smaller?

Nursie How about, sod all?

Raff Are you saying you haven’t any money?

Nursie That’s right. I’m skint.

Riff Rubbish! We know for a fact that you get paid on a…(current day)

Nursie I did. But then I spent it all on a sawn-off shotgun. Would you like to see it?

Riff & Raff (terrified) No thanks! (they run back to the Sheriff)

Sheriff Did you get her money?

Riff No, boss.

Sheriff And did you threaten her?

Raff Yes, but she threatened us more.

Sheriff (pushing them aside) Imbeciles! I’ll get it myself. (to Nursie) You know what I want, what I really, really want?

Nursie Well tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Sheriff I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.

Nursie Well tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Riff & Raff (sing) #I really, really, really wanna ziga-zig, aaahh!#

Nursie (vamping Sheriff) #If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends#

Sheriff (snaps) Stop it, you silly old fool! (to Riff & Raff) And that also goes for you two, idiots!

Nursie Did I mention that I’m auditioning for X-factor?

Sheriff Your singing should be X-rated.

Nursie I’ve often been told that I have the voice of an angel.

Sheriff Well it’s certainly no delight. (laughs) Angel Delight!? I made a joke there.

Nursie No, you didn’t Sheriff. Trust me.

Bugsy enters (SL) followed by Children.

Children Please don’t leave us, Bugsy!

Nursie What’s going on here?

Bugsy I’ve just informed the kids that I’ve been sacked.

Nursie Well as of now, you’re un-sacked.

Bugsy You mean, I’ve got my old job back?

Nursie Yes.

Children (cheer) Hooray!

Nursie Such loyalty. Think how upset they’d be, if I ever said I was leaving.

Children (cheer) Hooray!

Nursie (snaps) Right! That’s just got you all detention! (to audience) Ungrateful kids.

Bugsy I’ll come back on one condition, Nursie.

Nursie Which is?

Bugsy This time I want paying in money.

Nursie I’ll pay you ten pounds a week.

Bugsy I’m not working for ten pounds a week!

Nursie Okay, I’ll double it and pay you ten pounds a fortnight.

Bugsy That’s more like it.

Nursie Now, march all those little truants straight back to school.

Bugsy Yes, Nursie. (to Children) Come along kids. (leads Children off SL)

Sheriff Are all those kids yours, Nursie?

Nursie Yes, they are.

Raff Didn’t you have a telly in your house?

Nursie We made our own entertainment back then.

Sheriff No prizes for guessing what that was.

Nursie No! I teach them in school.

Riff That’s usually the best place.

Nursie I bet you two never went to school.

Raff Well that’s where you’re wrong, see? Mum sent us straight to school every day.

Riff And every day we went straight past it to the park.

Nursie Didn’t learn anything, as children?

Raff We learned how to wag it.

Riff Then we started going to school at night.

Nursie You mean, you went to night school?

Raff No, we went to school at night.

Nursie And what did you learn there?

Riff We learned how to strip the lead off the roof.

Sheriff Listen, Nursie. Pay your taxes in full, or I’ll shut down your school.

Nursie I can’t afford to pay. I’m flat bust.

Raff (ogling her chest) Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

Sheriff You must be loaded. Last week you said you had an outfit, for every day of the year.

Nursie Yes, and I’m wearing it.

Sheriff Stop shilly-shallying and pay up by tomorrow, or I shall be forced to take steps.

Nursie Well don’t take the tall ones. I need those to reach the books on the top shelf.

Sheriff (to Riff & Raff) Let’s go. (exits SL with Riff & Raff)

Nursie The old misery-guts. (to audience) I bet you’d hate it if your school was shut down, wouldn’t you boys and girls? (response) I’ll take that as a, yes. Oh, well. I suppose I’d better get to school, while I still have one. See you all later! (exits SR)