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Aladdin is the classic story of a poor boy who works in a laundrette, along with his mother Widow Twankey, and his younger brother, Wishee Washee. But poverty doesn’t stop Aladdin’s dreams of one day marrying the beautiful Princess Lychee.

When the evil Abanazar arrives looking for a young boy to help him retrieve a magic lamp holding a powerful Genie, that has been hidden away in a cave for a thousand years. Aladdin agrees to help him in return for making him rich enough to marry the Princess.

Will Aladdin’s dream of marrying Princess Lychee actually come true. Find out by reading this hilarious Aladdin pantomime script in full.


12 principals plus several minor speaking roles and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Won Hung Lo
Dancers; Citizens; Guards; etc.



Twankey’s Laundrette is [USR] a large laundry basket stands outside. Music cue 4: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [USL]

Enter Widow Twankey [SL] singing.

TWANKEY: ‘Keep young and beautiful, it’s my duty to be beautiful…’ Hello! If I’d known we had visitors I‘d have worn my best frock. Who am I kidding, this is my best frock. I’m that poor I get parcels from Oxfam. I tried supplementing my income by taking a job as a contortionist, but I still couldn’t make ends meet. Hands up if you got that one. You are a mucky-minded lot. Anyway, I’m Widow Twankey, and I run this laundrette with my two sons, Aladdin and Wishee Washee, whenever they can be bothered to turn up that is.

Enter Wishee from laundrette.

WISHEE: Hiya boys and girls! I’m Wishee Washee! Do you wanna be in my gang? Great now, here’s how it works, whenever I enter and shout, ‘wotcha gang!’ You all shout back ‘wotcha Wishee!’ Okay? Let’s have a practice then. [exits and re-enters] Wotcha gang! Have they all gone home, mum?

TWANKEY: No, but they might as well because it doesn’t get any better.

WISHEE: Let’s try it again. [repeats business] Wotcha, gang! That was much better.

TWANKEY: What time do you call this, Wishee?

WISHEE: Breakfast time?

TWANKEY: Try lunchtime.

WISHEE: Sorry mum, I overslept.

TWANKEY: You sleep more than a catatonic cat. Anyway, now you’re here you can come food shopping with me.

WISHEE: Huh! We’re that poor, all you ever buy is baked beans and sprouts. I should be eating a balanced diet, mum.

TWANKEY: You do eat a balanced diet.

WISHEE: How do you make that out?

TWANKEY: The sprouts on your plate weigh the same as the baked beans.

WISHEE: If it weren’t for the musical evenings our diet provided, life could get boring.

TWANKEY: Stop complaining and let’s go.

WISHEE: But I haven’t had breakfast yet!

TWANKEY: I’ll buy us lunch at that new Chinese-Italian place. ‘Gino’s Hot Wok Pasta Bar.’

WISHEE: Forget it mum, I tried there once and came out hungrier than when I went in.

TWANKEY: How come?

WISHEE: Have you ever tried eating spaghetti with chopsticks? I nearly ended up knitting myself a sweater.

Enter Aladdin at a run [SL]

ALADDIN: Heeelp! I’m being chased by a maniac!

WISHEE: Quick Aladdin, hide in the laundry basket!

ALADDIN: Thanks, Wishee! [climbs inside basket]

Enter Chorus Member at a run [SL]

CHORUS M: Where is Aladdin?

TWANKEY: What do you want him for?

CHORUS M: I asked him to mind my stall, and when I returned he’d sold everything for a total of fifty pence!

TWANKEY: We haven’t seen him all morning, have we boys and girls?

CHORUS M: I’ll find him if it’s the last thing I do. [exits SR]

WISHEE: [lifts basket lid] You can come out now, Aladdin.

ALADDIN: [climbing out] That was a close call.

TWANKEY: What have you been up to, Aladdin?


TWANKEY: How dare you speak to your mother like that!

WISHEE: Bogof means, ‘buy one get one free,’ mum.

ALADDIN: Yes, but I got confused and put up a sign saying, ‘buy one get the rest free.’

TWANKEY: If only you had the brains you were born with Aladdin.

Enter Chorus [SL] chattering excitedly.

WISHEE: What’s all the excitement?

CHORUS 1: Princess Lychee is coming to Peking for a spot of royal shopping.

CHORUS 2: Apparently, she’s looking for a wedding dress.

ALADDIN: [shocked] The Princess is getting married!

WISHEE: Bad luck Aladdin, plenty more fish in the sea.

TWANKEY: He never stood a chance there Wishee. Who’s the Princess marrying then?

CHORUS 3: Won Hung Lo!

TWANKEY: I know. [adjusts bosom] I could do with those ones that lift and separate.

CHORUS 4: He’s the son of the Grand Khazi.

ALADDIN: Lychee can’t marry him!

CHORUS 5: She has no choice, her father the Emperor is arranging everything.

WISHEE: I’m glad I’m not royalty. I‘d rather decide who I marry for myself.

TWANKEY: You’re never awake long enough to get married.

ALADDIN: I was hoping to marry Princess Lychee myself one day.

WISHEE: But you’ve never even seen her, Aladdin.

TWANKEY: And a good job too, because everybody knows its death for commoners to look upon the Princess.

WISHEE: Royal walkabouts must be quiet affairs then.

ALADDIN: I’d risk anything to see the Princess. Music cue 5:

KUNG & FU: [shouts off] Clear the streets on pain of death!

WISHEE: It sounds like the royal party are arriving!

TWANKEY: We’d better scarper, boys.

Exit Wishee and Twankey inside, but Aladdin hangs behind and climbs inside the laundry basket and shuts the lid.

Enter Kung and Fu [SL] brandishing truncheons.

FU: Look out, look out!

KUNG: Mind what you do!

FU: Or the Peking police will come for you!

KUNG: We’re the toughest coppers you’ll ever meet!

FU: So, hurry up and clear the street!

KUNG: Our duties are conducted with rigorous pride!

FU: And if you misbehave you’ll be quick stir-fried!

KUNG: My name’s Kung!

FU: And my name’s Fu!

KUNG & FU: And we’ll give you a taste of the old one two! Music cue 6: [mock fighting]