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Aladdin is the classic story of a poor boy who works in a laundrette, along with his mother Widow Twankey, and his younger brother, Wishee Washee. But poverty doesn’t stop Aladdin’s dreams of one day marrying the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

When the evil Abanazar arrives looking for a young boy to help him retrieve a magic lamp holding a powerful Genie, that has been hidden away in a cave for a thousand years. Aladdin agrees to help him in return for making him rich enough to marry the Princess.

Will Aladdin’s dream of marrying Princess Jasmin actually come true. Find out by reading this hilarious Aladdin pantomime script in full.


12 principals plus a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Dancers; Children; Guards; Laundry Workers; Palace Retinue; etc.



Music cue 3: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SR]

Enter Wishee [SL] dragging on a laundry basket.

WISHEE: Hiya boys and girls! I’m Wishee Washee, and I work here at Twankey’s Laundrette, mostly on my own. My lazy brother Aladdin is more interested in chasing girls, than profits. And mum spends more time seeking suitors, than pressing suits. So, I’ve bought myself a high-tech, time and motion machine. It’ll record everybody’s movements throughout the day and prove who does the most work around here. I’ll just fetch it in. [exits and returns with the machine] Now, this is a very expensive piece of kit, and I don’t want anybody messing about with it. So, will you mind keeping an eye on it for me? Thanks. [places machine DSR in front of main curtains] If anybody goes near it, just shout ‘red alert!’ and watch what happens.

Enter Aladdin at a run [SL]

ALADDIN: Wishee, you’ve got to help me!

WISHEE: What’s going on, Aladdin?

ALADDIN: I’m being chased and need somewhere to hide, quick!

WISHEE: Who’s after you this time? A furious father, a mortified mother, or some girl you promised the earth and gave the elbow?

ALADDIN: It’s the police!

WISHEE: What have you been up to Aladdin?

ALADDIN: I haven’t got time to explain Wishee, they’ll be here at any minute!

SFX: Police whistle.

WISHEE: Hide inside the laundry basket. [opens lid]

ALADDIN: Thanks Wishee. [climbs inside and shuts lid]

Enter Tai and Chi at a run [SL] blowing whistles.

WISHEE: Eh-up! It’s Tai and Chi, the wrong arm of the law.

CHI: Have you seen your brother, Aladdin?

WISHEE: Of course I’ve seen him, we live in the same house.

CHI: I meant, in the past five seconds.

WISHEE: No, officers. What do you want him for anyway?

TAI: He insulted me whilst on duty.

WISHEE: And how exactly did he insult you?

TAI: He asked if I knew the time and when I said, ‘yes thanks,’ he called me an idiot!

WISHEE: I can’t imagine why. Anyway, I thought you could ask a police officer anything.

CHI: You can.

WISHEE: Then maybe you can tell me how to stop some bloke canoodling with his girlfriend, underneath my window every night.

CHI: That’s easy. Just go up to him and say, ‘excuse me sir, but isn’t that your wife coming up the road?’

WISHEE: And that’ll make him stop, will it?

CHI: Well, it certainly stopped me. [laughs]

WISHEE: I didn’t realise the police had a sense of humour.

CHI: Oh, yes. Give him another sample, Constable Tai.

TAI: She was only a constable’s daughter, but she let the chief inspector.

WISHEE: Repeating old jokes like that ought to be a criminal offence.

CHI: Maybe Aladdin’s hiding in that laundry basket Constable Tai.

TAI: I’d better check it out. [goes to lift lid]

WISHEE: [holding lid down] You don’t want to look in there officer.

TAI: Why not?

WISHEE: Because it’s full of dirty, stinky, smelly old laundry.

CHI: [suspicious] It sounds like you have something to hide.

WISHEE: Not me officer, I’m as honest as the day is long.

TAI: Days are very short this time of the year. Open it Constable Chi.

WISHEE: You’ll be sorry.

CHI: [lifts lid] Phwoar! [slams it shut] What a pong! It smells like a student’s bedsit. Anybody hiding in there would be dead within seconds.

TAI: Let’s go Chi, or we’ll be late for escorting the Princess Jasmine.

CHI: [to Wishee] Tell Aladdin we’re hot on his trail.

TAI: And we always get our man.

CHI: [spots machine] Hello, what’s this? [touches it]

MACHINE: Warning! Unauthorised handling! This unit will self-destruct in ten seconds! Nine-eight-seven…

TAI & CHI: [face each other] Run!

Exit Tai and Chi at a run [SL]

MACHINE: Six-five…unit resetting!

WISHEE: You can come out now Aladdin, they’ve gone.

ALADDIN: [climbs out wearing a large clothes-peg on his nose] Phew! What a stink! It’s lucky I found this clothes peg, Wishee.

WISHEE: Never mind that and tell me what you’ve been doing all morning Aladdin.

ALADDIN: Running away from the police mostly.

WISHEE: You were supposed to be helping me fetch this heavy laundry basket from Peking Monastery, and I had to drag it all the way here on my own.

ALADDIN: I sometimes wish mother didn’t have a contract with those monks.

WISHEE: Why not?

ALADDIN: They have some very dirty habits.

WISHEE: If this washing isn’t done by the time mum gets home, she’ll blow her top.

ALADDIN: You worry too much Wishee.

WISHEE: And you’re the main cause of it Aladdin!

ALADDIN: How do you make that out?

WISHEE: Because you’re always skiving off work and chasing after girls.

ALADDIN: Do I detect a hint of jealousy Wishee?

WISHEE: I’m not jealous of you Aladdin, I’m mad at you!

ALADDIN: One day I’ll make my fortune, and then our family need never work again.

WISHEE: You never worked much to begin with, but that’s all about to change

ALADDIN: What do you mean Wishee?

WISHEE: [shows machine] Meet my automatic monitoring machine.

ALADDIN: What’s it monitoring?

WISHEE: You for starters. And it’ll ensure that you do your fair share of work in future.

ALADDIN: Cheer up Wishee, things could be worse.


ALADDIN: The washing machine could break down.

WISHEE: Don’t jinx it Aladdin, I don’t fancy washing people’s unmentionables by hand.

TWANKEY: [off] Yoo-hoo! Mummy’s home!

ALADDIN: Speaking of unmentionables.

Enter Twankey [SL] with several boxes of washing powder.