Aladdin A Genie-us Panto


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Aladdin A Genie-us panto is the classic story of a poor boy who works in a laundrette, along with his mother Widow Twankey, and his younger brother, Wishee Washee. But poverty doesn’t stop Aladdin’s dreams of one day marrying the beautiful Princess Yasmin.

When the evil Abanazar arrives looking for a young boy to help him retrieve a magic lamp holding a powerful Genie, that has been hidden away in a cave for a thousand years. Aladdin agrees to help him in return for making him rich enough to marry the Princess.

Will Aladdin’s dream of marrying Princess Yasmin actually come true. Find out by reading this hilarious Aladdin pantomime script in full.


12 principals plus several minor speaking roles and a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Betty The Yeti
Dancers; Guards; Palace Retinue; etc.


A practical door is [USR] with a small bench next it. A large laundry basket is [USC] Music cue 4: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Wishee from Laundrette.

WISHEE: Hello boys and girls! I’m Wishee Washee, and I’m the toughest, strongest laundry boy in all of Peking! I’m fully trained in Karate, Sushi, and Origami! Who wants to be in my gang? Whenever I come on I’ll shout, ‘hiya gang!’ And you all respond, ‘hiya Wishee!’ It might not be original, but it’s easy to remember. Let’s have a practice then. [exits & re-enters] Hiya gang! [repeat] That’s better. You’re now all members of, Wishee’s Washup Gang. Which means that whenever mum asks me to wash a load of dirty, smelly laundry. You must all lend a hand. [laughs] Only joking!

Enter Chorus members screaming, followed by Widow Twankey on a bicycle with a basket at the front holding laundry.

TWANKEY: Gangway! Runaway laundry!

Wishee and Chorus scatter and Twankey careers off into wing [SR]

SFX: Crashing sounds.

Enter Twankey [SR] staggering on draped in laundry.

WISHEE: What do you think you’re doing, mum?

TWANKEY: I had to collect loads of laundry and thought I’d use the shop bike.

WISHEE: But the brakes on that old thing are dead dodgy.

TWANKEY: So I’ve just discovered.

WISHEE: You could’ve caused somebody a nasty injury just then, mum.

TWANKEY: I think I have – me. [rubs bum] Ooooh! I think my big end’s gone.

WISHEE: No mum, I’m afraid it’s still there.

TWANKEY: Watch it! Here, put these clothes in the laundry basket.

WISHEE: Righto. [takes clothes to basket]

CHORUS 1: Didn’t you notice the speed limit sign, Mrs T?

TWANKEY: Yes, but I was going too fast to read it.

CHORUS 2: You might get a speeding ticket now.

TWANKEY: And where’s the proof that I was speeding?

CHORUS 3: The speed camera will have snapped your face.

CHORUS 4: That’s another one bust, then.

TWANKEY: Cheek! Clear off the lot of you, before I kick you all up the fortune cookies!

Exit Chorus [SL] laughing.

Enter Aladdin [SR]

ALADDIN: Hello you two!

TWANKEY: Aladdin! Where have you been all morning?

ALADDIN: Here and there.

WISHEE: Doing what?

ALADDIN: This and that.

TWANKEY: You didn’t go near the royal palace by any chance?

ALADDIN: I might’ve done.

WISHEE: Don’t tell me you’re still trying to catch a glimpse of Princess Yasmin.

TWANKEY: Especially when you know the penalty if you’re caught.

ALADDIN: But the thought of seeing her is driving me out of my mind!

WISHEE: If you ask me you’re already out of your mind Aladdin.

SFX: Police whistles.

ALADDIN: It’s the police!

TWANKEY: Somebody must’ve spotted you near the palace!

ALADDIN: I’d better hide! But where?

WISHEE: Inside this laundry basket Aladdin. [aside] Where else?

ALADDIN: Good idea Wishee. [climbs inside]

Enter Yin and Yang [SR] blowing whistles.

YIN: Where is Aladdin?

WISHEE: [pointing SL] He went that-a-way.

YANG: Let’s get after him Constable Yin!

YIN: Forget it Constable Yang. Princess Yasmin will be arriving shortly, and we must remind everybody about the royal protocol.

TWANKEY: But we already know the royal protocol.

YIN: Yes, but this lot…[indicates audience]…won’t. Tell them, Constable Yang.

YANG: [to audience] People peeking at the Princess, will perish particularly painfully!

YIN: Whenever she enters you must keep your eyes shut until she exits again.

WISHEE: And she’s on quite a bit so, you’ll probably miss a lot of the action.

YIN: [to Twankey] When you see Aladdin tell him we want to question him.

TWANKEY: You’ll be wasting your time. He can’t even get those stupid questions on the TV competitions right. You know the ones. What do you call the big bright yellow thing in the sky? A: A Mirage? B: The Sun? Or C: A fried egg?

YANG: I entered that one!

YIN: And I suppose your answer was, a ‘fried egg?’ [laughs]

YANG: How did you guess?

YIN: Why on earth did you put a fried egg?

YANG: I thought it might be a trick question.

WISHEE: How could anybody be that stupid?

TWANKEY: Beats me Wishee, but you’d give him a run for his money.

YIN: Let’s go Constable Yang.

Exit Yin and Yang [SL]

WISHEE: You can come out now Aladdin.

ALADDIN: [climbing out] I don’t know why the police have always got it in for me.

WISHEE: Me neither, considering all the times you’ve helped them with their enquiries.

TWANKEY: It’s a mystery all right.

ALADDIN: Never mind the police, I have some marvellous news mum!

TWANKEY: Don’t tell me they’ve found a cure for idleness.

WISHEE: They haven’t have they!?

ALADDIN: Relax Wishee, it’s not that.

TWANKEY: Then what is it?

ALADDIN: I’ve decided to get married.

TWANKEY: That’s a bolt from the green!

ALADDIN: Don’t you mean, blue?

TWANKEY: No, green, I’m colour blind. So, who’s the lucky girl, Aladdin?

WISHEE: Is it that girl from the shoe shop, who took a shine to you?

ALADDIN: No, Wishee.

TWANKEY: Is it her from the fish shop who thinks you’re a good catch?

ALADDIN: No, mum.

WISHEE: Is it that optician’s receptionist who keeps giving you the eye?

ALADDIN: No Wishee, she’s cross-eyed, it’s you she keeps looking at.

TWANKEY: Snap her up Wishee. Friends with benefits and all that.

WISHEE: What do you mean mum? Bearing in mind this is a family show.

TWANKEY: We’ll be eligible for a family and friend’s discount.

WISHEE: I’m not going to date some cross-eyed girl just so you can get a discount!

TWANKEY: It’s always, self, self, self, with you, isn’t it Wishee.

WISHEE: Who is she then Aladdin?

ALADDIN: Princess Yasmin of course.

TWANKEY: I need my hearing checking. I thought you said Princess Yasmin, just then.

ALADDIN: I did, mum.

TWANKEY: But everybody knows its death for commoners to look upon the Princess’s face!

WISHEE: Let alone anything else of hers.