Sinbad The Sailor


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Sinbad the Sailor returns from his latest voyage, bearing not treasure like his mother had hoped, but a magic sword that he is convinced will make him his fortune. In order to placate her, Sinbad visits the bazaar to buy her a present.

At the bazaar Sinbad meets and falls in love with Princess Yasmin. But the jealous Vizier frames Sinbad as a thief and he is taken before the Sultan for sentencing.

However, the miscast Fairy Wanda intervenes and helps Sinbad and Yasmin run away to sea where many adventures await them, including meeting King Neptune.


10 principals plus several small speaking roles and cameos, a chorus with some speaking lines and a camel.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




[plenty of scope for doubling/trebling up]
Captain Hogwash
King Neptune
Queen Pearl
High Priest
Police Officer
Humpy The Camel
Dancers; Sailors; Guards; Harem; Mermaids; Islanders; etc.



Manned stalls are upstage. Music cue 1: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Ali [SR]

ALI: Hiya boys and girls! And welcome to old Tangiers! My name’s Ali and I love making new friends so, every time I come and shout, ‘hiya boys and girls!’ I want you all to shout back, ‘hiya Ali let’s get pally!’ okay? Let’s try it then. [exits and re-enters] Hiya boys and girls! Let’s try it again and this time I want you to raise the roof. [repeats business] Fantastic!

Enter Dame Drachma [SL] pulling on a rope leading off into wing.

DRACHMA: [straining] Move your lazy carcass, you cantankerous camel!

ALI: What’s the matter mum?

DRACHMA: There you are Ali, I’ve looked everywhere for you.

ALI: You can’t have done, mum.

DRACHMA: Why can’t I?

ALI: Because you didn’t look where I was.

DRACHMA: You’ve always been an awkward child Ali. When I was pregnant with you, I suffered from constant morning sickness.

ALI: You can’t blame me for making you sick before I was born, mum.

DRACHMA: No, but you didn’t have to carry it on afterwards now, help me shift Humpy.

ALI: Watch this mum. [shouts] Here Humpy, I’ve got a nice sugar lump for you!

Enter Humpy at a run [SL] rope goes slack, and Drachma falls over.

DRACHMA: You devious dromedary I’ve a good mind to sell you to the Kit-e-Kat factory.

ALI: You can’t sell Humpy to the Kit-e-Kat factory, mum!

DRACHMA: Why can’t I?

ALI: Because I promised first refusal to the glue factory.

DRACHMA: I’m seriously considering getting another camel, Ali.

Humpy whispers to Ali.

ALI: Humpy says, can we get a female camel?

DRACHMA: Forget it Humpy, what you’re thinking’s impossible.

ALI: Why is it, mum?

DRACHMA: Because Ali…[whispers]

ALI: I don’t remember you taking him to the vet’s. [Humpy crosses his back legs] I think it’s a bit too late for that, Humpy.

DRACHMA: [Humpy bashes her] All right Humpy, don’t take the hump. [laughs]

ALI: Never mind Humpy, you won’t miss what you’ve never used.

DRACHMA: And you should know, Ali.

Humpy whispers to Ali.

ALI: I don’t blame you, Humpy.

Exit Humpy [SR]

DRACHMA: Where’s he going now, Ali?

ALI: To The Bent Turban to drown his sorrows.

DRACHMA: He reminds me of your late father.

ALI: I never knew dad, what was he like, mum?

DRACHMA: He was a seaman, like your brother Sinbad. Although not an able one. It was a whirlwind romance, I was in a whirl, and he had wind. On our wedding night I asked him to carry me over the threshold.

ALI: And did he?

DRACHMA: No, he just said, ‘where am I going to get a forklift at this time of night?’

ALI: You never did tell me how dad died, mum.

DRACHMA: His ship sank in a terrible storm with no survivors.

ALI: It’s sad to think of dad lying somewhere on the seafloor.

DRACHMA: He was used to lying on the floor, Ali. Mostly outside The Bent Turban. Still, life goes on, and it would be a whole lot easier if you got yourself a job.

ALI: I have looked mum.

DRACHMA: Well look closer! You don’t know what good hard work is.

ALI: No mum, what good is it?

DRACHMA: Hard work never killed anybody Ali.

ALI: Well, I don’t want to be its first victim.

DRACHMA: There’s not much chance of that.

ALI: [looking off SL] Look out mum, here comes the Vizier.

DRACHMA: I wonder what he wants this time.

ALI: At a wild guess, I’d say the royal rent.

DRACHMA: Well, he can want, because I’m skint.

Enter Vizier and Kumquat [SR]

VIZIER: Dame Drachma, I’ve come for it and I’m not leaving until I get it.

DRACHMA: That makes a change, I thought you might be after money.

VIZIER: Of course I’m after money! I collect rent for the Sultan don’t I?

DRACHMA: I don’t have any money. I’m that poor I can’t even afford electricity.

ALI: It’s true, we have to watch our new smart TV by candlelight.

VIZIER: How can you afford a new TV?

DRACHMA: It only cost a pound.

KUMQUAT: You bought a smart TV for a pound?

ALI: It was on offer at Curry’s. The sign said, ‘TV for £1, volume stuck on full.’ I thought, I can’t turn that down.