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Wendy Darling and her brothers are disturbed by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, who are searching for Peter’s missing shadow. He invites them to join him in Neverland, where they meet The Lost Boys and do battle with the evil Captain Hook.

Also joining them in Neverland, is their ex-nanny, Mabel McVitie, who somehow ends up as ship’s cook for Captain Hook, who is always trying to keep one step ahead of a ticking crocodile.

This panto follows the traditional and well-loved story about the boy who never grows up.


15 principals (includes the four Lost Boys and a smaller part for Tiger Lily) plus a chorus.


All of our scripts have a runtime of under 2hrs (not including any interval) But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


All of our pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Tiger Lily
Mr Darling
Mrs Darling
Indian Chief
Nana The Dog
Dancers; Indians; Pirates; Mermaids; etc.




There are three single beds, a chair, a large toybox and a practical window. Music cue 1: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Michael and John at a run [SR] playing at pirates, running around the room and hopping on and off the beds.

JOHN: Avast me hearties! Splice the mainbrace and hoist the jolly roger!

MICHAEL: I can’t, captain!

JOHN: Why not?

MICHAEL: Roger’s feelin’ a bit off.

JOHN: Pirates aren’t allowed to feel off, mister! Give him a taste of the cat!

MICHAEL: Aye-aye captain! [calling] Here puss, puss!

Enter Nana [SR] who jumps on the bed, causing Michael to fall off.

JOHN: Man overboard!

Enter Wendy [SR]

WENDY: What’s all the commotion, boys?

JOHN: [to Wendy] Cabin boy! Throw Black Dog a line and haul him aboard!

MICHAEL: [floundering on floor] Help! I’m going down for the fourth time!

WENDY: I thought drowning people only went down three times.

JOHN: Pirates are made of sterner stuff.

MICHAEL: Aren’t you going to help rescue me from a watery grave, shipmate?

WENDY: Sorry boys, I don’t have time to play pirates. Mum wants to know if you’ve taken your medicine yet.

JOHN: Oh yes, we’ve taken it. Haven’t we Black Dog?

MICHAEL: [standing] Aye, Captain!

WENDY: Have the boys had their castor oil, Nana?

NANA: [shaking head] Ruff! Ruff!

WENDY: Fetch the bottle and a spoon, Nana.

NANA: Ruff! [exits SL]

JOHN: You mutinous dog, Nana!

Enter Nana with a large medicine bottle and a spoon.

WENDY: It’s medicine time boys.

MICHAEL: We’re not taking that.

JOHN: It tastes horrible!

WENDY: Mother says it’s good for you.

MICHAEL: Then how come you don’t take it?

WENDY: Mother says I don’t need it because I’m a regular girl.

Enter Mrs Darling [SR]

MRS DARLING: Come along children, it’s time to settle down to sleep.

WENDY: They won’t take their medicine, mother.

MRS DARLING: It won’t hurt to miss one night. Take it away, Nana.

Exit Nana [SL] with the bottle and spoon.

JOHN & MICH: [cheer] Yeah!

MRS DARLING: They can have a double dose tomorrow instead.

JOHN & MICH: [groan] Urrrgh!

MRS DARLING: Now, into bed all of you.

Children climb into their beds and lie down.

SFX: Thunder crack and lightning flash.

Peter Pan appears at the window. Mrs Darling turns and glances at the window, but Peter quickly ducks down.

MRS DARLING: Who’s there? [looks out window] I thought I saw a young boy outside the window just now.

Enter Mr Darling [SR]

MR DARLING: Have you seen Nana anywhere, Mary?

MRS DARLING: She’s just putting the boy’s medicine away, George, dear.

Enter Nana [SL] knocking Mr Darling over as she runs to the window.

MR DARLING: [picking himself up] How did we end up with a dog for a nanny?

MRS DARLING: It was your idea, George.

MR DARLING: No, it wasn’t.

MRS DARLING: Yes, it was. When Nanny McVitie left, you asked me to go down the pound and pick up a replacement.

MR DARLING: No, dear. I said, go downtown and pick up a replacement.

MRS DARLING: Did you? Never mind, Nana’s as good as any nanny, and much cheaper.

Nana barks at window.

MR DARLING: Why is she barking at the window?

MRS DARLING: Maybe she saw what I saw earlier.

MR DARLING: And what did you see?

MRS DARLING: A young boy’s face at the window.

MR DARLING: You can’t have done, we’re three floors up.

MRS DARLING: You’re right – I must have imagined it.

MR DARLING: Be quiet Nana and come with me.

WENDY: Where are you taking Nana, father?

MR DARLING: Outside to her kennel.

JOHN: But she hasn’t tucked us up in bed yet.

MICHAEL: Or fluffed our pillows.

WENDY: Or sang us a song.

MRS DARLING: Nana’s a dog, children. She can’t tuck you in, fluff your pillows or sing a song.

CHILDREN: Oh yes, she can!

Nana nods in agreement.

MR DARLING: Okay Nana. If you’re so clever, then let’s see you in action.

Nana rushes over to the beds, fluffs all their pillows and tucks them in.

MRS DARLING: Nana’s obviously a very clever dog, George.