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Nothing, including bullying and treachery can stand in the way of true love. Especially if you have a Fairy Godmother on your side. Which is why our heroine Cinderella, manages to go from domestic drudge to pampered Princess with just the wave of a magic wand.


9 principals plus several smaller roles and a chorus.


All of our scripts have a runtime of approx 120 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.


All of our pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

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Baroness Hardup
Prince Charming
Fairy Godmother

Chorus/Minor roles

Major Domo
Palace guests; etc

Scene One

Hardup Hall

Music cue 1: Chorus/Maids. After song ends…

Enter Buttons (SL) minus his hat. (see notes about Button’s hat in properties)

Buttons Hiya, kids! My name is Buttons, and I work here at Hardup Hall…

Maid 1…Where’s your hat, Buttons?

Buttons What? (feeling for it) Oh, no! (exits and returns wearing it) That was a close call. The Baroness said if she ever saw me without my hat on, she’d sack me. But I’m that forgetful, it’s bound to happen again. (to audience) I say, would you all do me a big favour? If ever you see me come on without my hat, will you shout out where’s your hat, Buttons? (response) Great. And now that you all know my name, I’d better find out yours. (leaves stage and starts shaking hands with the front row) Hello, my what’s your name? (moves to next person) Hello, what’s your name?

Maid 2 That will take forever, Buttons!

Buttons You’re right. (returns to stage) Forget names. Whenever I come on I’ll shout, hiya boys and girls! And you all shout back, hiya Buttons! Okay? Oh, hang on though. If I’ve forgotten my hat, it might get a bit confusing. I know. If I’m wearing my hat, shout hiya Buttons. And if I’ve forgotten my hat, just shout, where’s your hat, Buttons? Have you got that? You don’t sound too sure. We’d better have a trial run. I’ll go off and come back on and shout, hiya kids! And you respond, depending on whether I’m wearing my hat or not. (exits and returns wearing hat) Hiya kids! Not bad. Now let’s have another go. (exits and returns minus hat) Hiya kids! Fantastic! And as a thank you, I’m going to share my Chocolate Buttons with you. (produces bags of Chocolate Buttons and distributes them) Now this place, is Hardup Hall. And I work here for Baroness Hardup and her two ugly daughters, who make my life a misery.

Maid 3 Then why do you carry on working here, Buttons?

Maid 4 It’s because he fancies the Baroness’s stepdaughter, Cinderella.

Maid 5 We’re best friends that’s all. She’s sweet and kind, and has a wonderful smile and…

Maid 1…you fancy her.

Buttons All right, I admit it. (dreamily) I think she’s wonderful.

Maid 2 Then why don’t you ask her out?

Buttons Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. (goes all coy) I’m far too shy.

Maid 3 Faint heart never won fair maiden, Buttons.

Buttons You’re right. The next time I see Cinders, I’ll tell her exactly how I feel about her.

Cinderella is heard singing offstage.

Maid 4 That sounds like her now, Buttons.

Buttons Oh gosh, my legs are turning to jelly. Maybe I’ll tell her another time.

Maid 5 It’s time to man up, Buttons. Let’s go girls. (leads Maids off SL)

Buttons They’re right. (psyching himself) Come on Buttons, you can do it.

Enter Cinderella (SR)

Cinderella Hello Buttons!

Buttons Hi, Cinders! Why are you wearing that ragged old dress?

Cinderella I ran out of cleaning cloths, and stepmother made me rip up my last decent dress to make some more.

Buttons (elicits sympathy) Aaaah! It’s sadder than that!

Cinderella Never mind Buttons. It’s not as if I ever go anywhere, is it?

Buttons Listen Cinders, I’ve got something to tell you.

Cinderella What is it, Buttons

Buttons (hand on heart – sighing) I’ve fallen head over heels in love, cinders.

Cinderella Oh Buttons, I’m so happy!

Buttons You are!?

Cinderella Yes, now tell me all about her. What’s she like? Do I know her?

Buttons Actually Cinders, it’s…

SFX: Tyre screech and loud crash.

Enter Dolce and Gabanna from side door in the hall. During the following, Buttons and Cinders react visually to what they say.

Gabanna Did you give the driver a generous tip, Dolce?

Dolce I gave him two generous tips, Gabanna. (adjusts bosom) I think that’s why he crashed.

Gabanna At least those giant airbags, cushioned the impact.

Dolce (adjusts bosom) What giant airbags?

Gabanna Never mind. Tell me, what do you think of my new dress?

Dolce Call that a dress? I thought the circus must be in town.

Gabanna Are you saying my dress looks like a big-top?

Dolce Yes, but at least it matches your big bottom.

Gabanna Cheek! This dress is a Primarni Toofer.

Dolce A Toofer! What in the name of haute couture, is a Toofer?

Gabanna Two for a fiver. It’s extravagant I know, but you’ve got to look good to get a man. Ooooh! I think I’ve got one already. (sits on a man’s knee) Well hello there, big boy.

Dolce Is he any good?

Gabanna (feeling his wrist) Well, he’s got a pulse. That’s always a good start.

Dolce I think I’ve found myself a rich one. (sits on another man’s knee)

Gabanna How can you tell he’s rich?

Dolce He’s wearing matching socks. (squirms) Ooooh! I think his iPhone’s vibrating!

Gabanna (glancing over) He looks stunned.

Dolce It’s the effect I have on men. Beauty is such a curse sometimes. How’s yours doing?

Gabanna Mine’s going a bit blue around the edges.

Dolce I’m not surprised with you sitting on him.

Gabanna I might have to do mouth to mouth regurgitation.

Dolce That ought to finish him off then.

Gabanna On second thoughts, let’s forget these two, sis’. Mummy says we should set our sights higher, when it comes to men.

Dolce She can talk. She married a silly old duffer with one foot in the grave.

Cinderella That’s my father you’re talking about!

Gabanna Who rattled your cage?

Uglies make their way onstage singing along to…Music cue 2:

Dolce (pushing Cinders aside) Move over, wimp! The real talent has arrived at last.

GabannaTalent! You? I’m the one who got on X-factor.

Dolce (to audience) They put her in the weirdo’s and misfits’ section, along with a toothless rapper from Rotherham and a break-dancing granny from Guildford.

Gabanna (to audience) Everybody’s jealous of me you know. That’s the price one must pay, for being unbelievably gorgeous and talented.

Dolce I smell chocolate. Have you been at my secret stash, Cinderella?

Cinderella No, I haven’t! I don’t even know where it is.

Gabanna It’s in her bottom drawer.

Dolce Big gob! Now everybody will be rooting around in my drawers, trying to get their hands on my goodies.

Buttons Somehow, I don’t think there’ll be a rush. Anyway, the chocolate was mine and I shared it with all the boys and girls down there.

Gabanna I don’t believe you.

Dolce Let’s search her, Gabby.

Uglies grab Cinderella and try bodily searching her.

Cinderella (shouts) Get off me!

Buttons (shouts) Leave her alone!

Gabanna Shut up, Buttons!

Dolce You’re next!

Enter Baroness (SL)

Baroness What’s all that shouting about?

Gabanna It’s Cinderella, mummy. She’s been really mean and horrid to us.

Cinderella Oh no, I haven’t!

Uglies Oh yes, you have!

Dolce She’s been calling us all sorts of nasty names.

Baroness My poor sweet, darlings! You wicked girl, Cinderella!

Cinderella I wasn’t being mean to them! (to audience) Was I?

Buttons It was the other way around, actually.

Gabanna She invited all her chav friends around. (indicating audience) Look!

Dolce And Buttons gave them chocolate from my drawers.

Buttons I wouldn’t go anywhere near your drawers!

Baroness Zip it Buttons!

Gabanna Did you get much from Cash Converters, for all that old jewellery, mummy?

Baroness No. Most of it was cheap rubbish.

Cinderella Are things that bad, you’ve had to sell your jewellery to pay the bills?

Baroness Don’t be ridiculous. I sold all the jewellery you kept hidden in a box under your bed.

Cinderella That was my mother’s jewellery, and it included family heirlooms!

Baroness We’re your family now, Cinderella.

Buttons Some, family. You three make the Addams family seem normal.

Baroness Nonsense! I love Cinders like she was my own flesh and blood.

Cinderella Do you really mean that, stepmother?

Baroness Of course not! I can’t stand the sight of you! (to Uglies) Come along girls. I’ll take you for some retail therapy, to get over this nasty incident.

Uglies Thank you, mummy!

Baroness (handing Cinders a list) Here is another list of chores. And they’d better be done by the time I get back, or else!

Exit Baroness and Uglies (SL)

Cinderella Oh Buttons, how could they sell my poor mother’s jewellery? (cries)

Buttons Because they’re heartless Cinders, that’s why.

Cinderella (firmly) Well, I won’t let myself be beaten by them.

Buttons That’s the spirit, Cinders.

Cinderella (unrolls the list to the floor) Gosh! This lot will take me forever, Buttons!

Buttons Don’t worry Cinders, I’ll help you.

Cinderella Dearest, Buttons. What would I ever do without you?

Buttons That’s what friends are for, Cinders. Music cue 3: Buttons and Cinders.After song ends…Now let’s go and fetch all the cleaning stuff we need.

Exit Buttons and Cinderella (SR)