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Cinderella is bullied by her wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters, and her only true friend is Buttons the butler. He is always trying to cheer her up, but is too shy to tell her how he really feels about her.

When a royal ball is announced, Cinderella believes her dream of meeting and marrying Prince Charming might come true. But, her stepmother and sisters have other ideas, and Cinderella is left home alone.

However, things take a magical turn when her Fairy Godmother appears and ensures that Cinderella gets to the ball and true love finally wins the day.


10 principals, plus several smaller roles (including 3 trainee Fairies) And a chorus.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Baron Hardup
Dancers; Villagers; Footmen; Lumberjacks; Palace Guests; etc.



Music cue 4: Chorus. After song ends…Exit Chorus [SL]

Enter Buttons at a run [SR] carrying a gift-wrapped box.

BUTTONS: Hiya boys and girls! I’m Buttons, and I work at Hardup Hall. And now you all know my name, perhaps you’ll tell me yours. I’ll say, ‘hello everybody my name’s Buttons, what’s yours?’ And you all shout out your names, okay? Hello everybody my name’s Buttons, what’s yours? Who said mine’s a pint? Anyway, seeing as we’re now on first name terms, I’ll let you into a little secret. I’ve fallen in love with somebody. [to female in audience] No dear it’s not you, sit down. I’m in love with Baron Hardup’s daughter, Cinderella. It’s also her birthday today and I’ve bought her a present, and now I’m just looking for somewhere to leave it to stop her ugly stepsisters getting their paws on it. [puts box DSR] I know, I’ll leave it here and if anybody goes near it, just shout, ‘Buttons up,’ and I’ll come running. Let’s have a practice then. I’ll go off and come on pretending to be somebody about to nick it. [conducts the business] Fantastic! Keep watching it and I’ll see you later. Bye! [exits SR]

Enter Chorus [SL] chatting.

Enter Cinderella [SR] in a cheery mood.

CINDERELLA: Good morning everyone!

CHORUS: Good morning Cinders!

CINDERELLA: Has anybody seen my father this morning?

CHORUS 1: We saw him leaving the bank earlier Cinders.

CINDERELLA: And did he look happy?

CHORUS 2: No, he was sobbing uncontrollably.

CINDERELLA: Oh dear, I wonder what’s wrong this time.

CHORUS 3: It probably concerns money.

CHORUS 4: Or more likely, the lack of it.

CINDERELLA: Tell me about it.

CHORUS: Bye Cinders!

Exit Chorus [SR]

Enter Baron Hardup [SL] looking through papers and sobbing.

CINDERELLA: Whatever’s the matter, father?

BARON: I’ve just been checking my bank statements Cinders, and if your stepsisters keep on spending like they are I’ll soon be bankrupt.

CINDERELLA: Don’t despair father, I’m sure I can make some more savings.

BARON: You’ve made enough sacrifices already Cinders. It breaks my heart to see you dressed in rags.

CINDERELLA: I don’t mind mending and making do father.

BARON: [spots present] Hello! It looks like somebody’s lost an expensive present.

CINDERELLA: I’ll see if there’s an address on it. [goes to pick it up]

Enter Buttons at a run [SR]

BUTTONS: Leave that alone! [realises] Cinders! Baron!

CINDERELLA: Is this yours Buttons?

BUTTONS: Yes Cinders.

BARON: What is it?

BUTTONS: It’s a present for somebody, and they’re…[audience]…minding it for me.

CINDERELLA: Is it for someone special, Buttons?

BUTTONS: Yes Cinders, someone very special.

BARON: I’m off back to the bank Cinders.

CINDERELLA: Are you going to ask them to extend your overdraft, father?

BARON: No, I’m going to do what any desperate person in my situation would do.

BUTTONS: You’re going to rob the bank!

BARON: No, I’m going to grovel at the bank manager’s feet! [exits SL]

BUTTONS: Your father seems troubled Cinders, is anything the matter?

CINDERELLA: He’s worried he’ll soon be bankrupted due to my stepsisters spending

BUTTONS: Would it help if I took a pay cut?

CINDERELLA: That’s very kind of you Buttons, but I know you haven’t been paid in ages.

BUTTONS: It’s true Cinders, even my overdraft has an overdraft.

Music cue 5: Enter Uglies [SL] with bags from Matalan and Primark.

SCIATICA: What a pathetic shopping experience that was Dyspepsia.

DYSPEPSIA: Some days are just a total waste of makeup Sciatica.

SCIATICA: This place just doesn’t have the designer shops to cater for super-models like us.

CINDERELLA: Have you both been spending again?

DYSPEPSIA: Of course we have.

SCIATICA: There’s nothing else to do in this dump.

CINDERELLA: Ruritania isn’t a dump, it’s a lovely place.

BUTTONS: Well it was until they arrived.

CINDERELLA: What have you bought this time?

SCIATICA: We’ve bought a new spring wardrobe.

DYSPEPSIA: Summer wardrobe.

SCIATICA: Autumn wardrobe.

DYSPEPSIA: And winter wardrobe.

SCIATICA: And now we have all these wardrobes we need more clothes to fill them.

DYSPEPSIA: So, we’re off shopping again tomorrow.

CINDERELLA: If you carry on spending like this, father will be ruined!

SCIATICA: It’s not our fault he hasn’t got two ha’pennies to rub together.

DYSPEPSIA: We warned mother against marrying him in the first place.

SCIATICA: But she was a naive flibbertigibbet who’d fallen for his wicked wiles.

DYSPEPSIA: An innocent young girl easily mizzled by the ways of nasty men.

BUTTONS: Mizzled?

DYSPEPSIA: Yes, mizzled!

BUTTONS: Hold it right there! [exits and re-enters with a script, tapping it with his finger] It’s ‘misled!’ [chucks script offstage]

DYSPEPSIA: Whatever.

SCIATICA: And now the Baron’s had his wicked way with mummy, he wants to stop our only pleasures in life.

DYSPEPSIA: Shopping and eating.

SCIATICA: Speaking of food, I’m famished.


BUTTONS: You both look the opposite of famished.