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Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a Prince transformed into a Beast, and his eventual redemption through the love of a girl called Belle.

Our panto version concerns an ill-fated bet between Fairy Rose and the evil Witch Thorn. This leads to the Prince being turned into a beast by Witch Thorn. If he is to break free from her spell, then he must find somebody to love him before the last petal on an enchanted rose falls.

This Beauty and the Beast panto contains many traditional pantomime characters. It also has a couple of hilarious scenes featuring Belle’s ugly stepsisters and the Beast.


11 principals (envisages one actor doubling as the Prince and the Beast) plus several minor speaking roles, a chorus and a werewolf.


All our scripts have a runtime of approximately 2hrs (not including any interval) but this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit your own needs.


Our pantomimes all come with a full, suggested songs, music cues and SFX list.


Traditional British pantomime, incorporating visual comedy, slapstick and audience participation.

Free Sample




Dancers; Bakery workers; Paramedics; Servants; Children, Goblins; Wolves, etc.




Baguette’s bakery is [USR] and has a practical door. Music cue 2: Chorus. After song ends…

Enter Belle [SR] reading a book]

CHORUS: Good morning, Belle!

BELLE: [looking up] Good morning, everybody!

CHORUS 1: What book are you reading today, Belle?

BELLE: It’s called, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

CHORUS 2: What’s it about?

BELLE: It’s about a poor unfortunate man who is persecuted because of his appearance

CHORUS 3: People can be so cruel, can’t they?

Enter Gustave [SL]

BELLE: [glancing at Gustave] They certainly can.

CHORUS: It’s Gustave! [Girls gather around Gustave]

GUSTAVE: [posing] Feast your eyes, girls.

CHORUS 4: Have you got a partner for tonight’s village dance, Gustave?

GUSTAVE: No, but I’ll be choosing some lucky girl very soon.

GIRLS: Pick me, Gustave!

GUSTAVE: Sorry girls, you’ll just have to wait and see. Run along now, I wish to speak to Belle…alone.

Exit Girls, groaning.

BELLE: Make it quick Gustave. I have better things to do, than stand talking to you.

GUSTAVE: You’ll change your tune once you discover that you’re the lucky girl I’m taking to the village dance tonight.

BELLE: Well, this lucky girl is declining your invite.

GUSTAVE: You can’t be serious, Belle. Every girl in the village would jump at the chance of going to the dance with me.

BELLE: Then maybe you should ask one of them instead.

GUSTAVE: Why deny yourself Belle? We were meant for each other.

BELLE: I don’t think so Gustave. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve work to do at the bakery.

GUSTAVE: I hear you’re expecting a royal visitor today.

BELLE: Yes, Prince Louis is presenting father with an award for services to baking.

GUSTAVE: It would be a pity if anything were to happen to his precious bakery.

BELLE: What do you mean by that?

GUSTAVE: Accidents do happen Belle. Earthquake, flood…fire!

BELLE: That sounded like a threat, to me.

GUSTAVE: Nonsense, Belle.

BELLE: I won’t be blackmailed into going out with you, Gustave.

GUSTAVE: Blackmail’s a nasty word, Belle.

BELLE: A nasty word for a nasty man.

GUSTAVE: I’ll leave you to think about it and ask you again later.

BELLE: And the answer will be the same.

GUSTAVE: Then I suggest you think carefully before answering, next time. [exits SL]

BELLE: I could never go out with anybody as vain and nasty as Gustave.

Enter Crouton [SR] holding a large baguette.

CROUTON: Hiya, Belle!

BELLE: [downbeat] Hello Crouton.

CROUTON: What’s the matter, Belle? You look a bit down.

BELLE: Gustave’s asked me to the village dance and won’t take no for an answer.

CROUTON: He’s such a douche!

BELLE: It’s my father, I’m worried about.

CROUTON: Why? Doesn’t he have anybody to go with?

BELLE: No, it’s his bakery!

CROUTON: You’ve lost me now, Belle.

BELLE: I must warn father to be on his guard. [exits quickly into bakery]

CROUTON: Bye Belle! Hiya boys and girls! I’m Crouton, and I’m Baguette Bakery’s chief dough-boy. And boy do I need the dough. My finances are flatter than a soggy soufflé, and my baguette keeps going limp. [holds it up and it droops – see properties] See what I mean? I blame that new flour we’re using. It’s supposed to self-raising, but I keep having to pick it up myself. I’m also in love with Belle, but I’m not sure if she could ever fall for a dough-boy with a droopy baguette.

CANDEREL & NUTELLA: [singing off] Heeey, heey, baby!

CROUTON: That sounds like Mr Baguette’s stepdaughters, Canderel and Nutella. He inherited them after his second wife died. I wouldn’t say they were ugly, but yesterday, a peeping-tom knocked on the door and begged them to shut their bedroom curtains.

Enter Canderel and Nutella [SL] singing.

CANDEREL & NUTELLA: Ooh-aah! [pelvic thrusts]

NUTELLA: There’s nothing like some good hard pelvic thrusting to start the day off.

CANDEREL: It’s what keeps our bodies in such fantastic shape.

CROUTON: I can never work out what shape they’re meant to be.

NUTELLA: Watch it, dough-boy!

CANDEREL: [indicating audience] What are that lot doing here?

CROUTON: I think they’re here to meet Prince Louis.

NUTELLA: [quivers] Oooh! The thought of Louis makes me gooey.

CANDEREL: I’ll impress him with my enormous meringues. [hoists bosom]

NUTELLA: He’ll be knocked out by my big buns. [hoists bosom]

CANDEREL: Only if one falls on his head.

NUTELLA: My buns are not hard!


NUTELLA: Are not!


NUTELLA: Let’s not argue sis’ and introduce ourselves to the plebs.

CANDEREL: Okay, I’ll go first. [to audience] Hello plebs! I’m Canderel! And unlike my fat, sour-faced sister. I’m sweet and adorable, with a fabulous figure.

NUTELLA: I’m Nutella. And my sister’s been suffering from delusions, ever since her face got trampled by a herd of cows.

CANDEREL: [snaps] Cow!

NUTELLA: No, it was definitely more than one.

CANDEREL: [rolls sleeves up] That’s it sis’, prepare to be flattened!

NUTELLA: Bring it on!

They flap their arms at each other in mock fighting.