About Us

Limelight Scripts was set up in 2006 by husband and wife team Dennis and Jackie Willis, who both have a long and varied theatrical background, and between them have over thirty-five years of experience in both the amateur and professional theatre.

Dennis has written, produced, directed and appeared in many pantomime, drama, and variety shows, for both amateur and professional companies. He has also used his creative skills, to help design the scenery and props for many of the shows he was involved in. Dennis has a deep knowledge of all things panto, and has appeared on dozens of radio stations both in the UK and abroad to talk about his passion.

When writing his award-winning scripts, Dennis follows the principal, ‘if it’s not funny or doesn’t help with the plot…cut it’! This is what makes Limelight Scripts pantos very funny, fast-paced, and probably the best pantomime scripts available today.

Jackie is also no stranger to the stage, and has used her skills as a professional seamstress, to oversee the wardrobes of many pantomime productions, drama’s and variety shows. She has also appeared onstage in many of the productions she helped to dress. She has recently been producing and directing a large and very successful variety show in Sheffield. Whenever you ring Limelight Scripts, Jackie is the person who you will usually speak to. However, Dennis is generally available should you need to talk to him about anything related to one of our scripts. 

Limelight Scripts aim to provide pantomime scripts that have a good mix of both the traditional and the modern. Many of our pantos contain original storylines and twists, and are updated annually to keep them fresh and relevant. All our panto’s have been tried and tested in front of audiences, and have won numerous awards both in the UK and worldwide.