About Us

What we do

Limelight Scripts are rightsholders and publishers of pantomime scripts. Read on to learn more about us.

Limelight Scripts was set up and is run by husband-and-wife partnership, Dennis, and Jackie Willis. Who both boast and a long and varied career in the world of amateur and professional theatre.

Meet Dennis

Dennis has written over sixty pantomime scripts, which have been performed all over the world, by both amateur and professional companies. He has produced, directed, and starred in many pantomime productions, and has also used his creative skills to design the scenery and props for several of the shows.

Dennis has a deep knowledge of the history of pantomime. This has led to him appearing on many radio stations around the world, to share his passion for panto.

When writing our award-winning pantomime scripts, Dennis follows the golden rule “if it’s not funny or doesn’t help with the plot…cut it!” This is what makes our pantomime scripts, what we believe to be the best and funniest available anywhere.

Meet Jackie

Jackie runs the admin side of Limelight Scripts and likes nothing better than having long cosy chats with our customers. Sometimes that means chatting to people on the other side of the world into the wee small hours GMT.

Whenever you contact Limelight Scripts, Jackie is the person who you will speak to. However, Dennis is usually available to answer any questions related to our scripts.

Like Dennis, Jackie too has appeared onstage in many pantomime productions. And has used her skills as a professional seamstress, to design and make costumes for several large productions. Jackie has also produced several large variety shows to great acclaim.

The Dream Team

Jackie and Dennis are both steeped in the history of pantomime, and love playing their small part in keeping alive the wonderful traditions of panto.

Limelight Scripts aim is to provide quality pantomime scripts that have a good mix of both the traditional and the modern.

Our Pantomime Scripts

Limelight Script’s pantomime scripts uphold all the wonderful traditions of panto but are written with a modern audience in mind. They contain many original storylines and engaging twists and are all updated annually to keep them fresh and relevant.

Check out our pantomime scripts here.