Who are limelight scripts?

Limelight Scripts was set up in 2006 by husband and wife team Dennis and Jackie Willis, who between them have many years of experience in panto both on and off stage. Our aim is to provide panto scripts that have a good mix of both the traditional and the modern. Many of our scripts contain original storylines and twists and are updated annually in order to keep them fresh and relevant..

Can I modify the scripts?

Absolutely. But please see our Terms and Conditions below.

Can I read scripts online?

Not the full script. Samples of all our scripts can be read online by clicking on its link on our pantomimes page.

Can we video our shows?

Yes, you can. Providing you have first purchased a videotaping licence from Limelight Scripts. (see our Terms and Conditions below)

Are the scripts suitable for children?

Yes, they are. This site has been rated using the webmasters voluntary SafeSurf rating system. Recent versions of web browsers use this rating in conjunction with the browser's "child suitability" settings, in order to block pages which are unsuitable. Check out SafeSurf for details. In rating our site, we have tended to err on the side of caution, but one should bear in mind that traditional British Panto generally includes mild innuendo, and a pantomime dame. Which is traditionally played by a man portraying a lewd middle-aged woman. But the humour is strictly tongue-in-cheek, double entendres and innuendo.

Which currencies can I use to buy your scripts?

Limelight Scripts is based in the UK and works in GBP (Great British Pounds) Payments can be made through our website, using Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still make payments via Paypal using a credit/debit card. All transactions are securely processed online by Paypal. We also accept cheques/checks, but if paying in currencies other than GBP, please add a further payment of 10 GBP to your total amount. This is to cover for charges levied by our bank for processing foreign currency cheques/checks. You can also pay by BACS (bank transfer). Customers in Canada can purchase Canadian Postal Money Orders from the Post Office in GBP, thus avoiding the transaction fee. Some Irish and Australian banks will also provide cheques/checks in GBP.

What are Limelight Scripts terms and conditions?

Our list of terms and conditions can be read here. Terms and conditions

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